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The Path of The Beloved

For it is in giving that we receive, it's in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it's in dying to ourselves that we are born to eternal life.

“Lord, make me an instrument of your love."

The amazing odyssey which mankind has gone through is nothing short of astonishing, but one thing that we must have clear in our minds is the fact that this odyssey was not born out of chance, it was a thought procreated by a mind that knows everything.

No one in existence could have known that love is the strongest force of all of those forces we believe are powerful, only through experience could this truth be understood. It is an undeniable truth that throughout history mankind has done the most terrible acts of evil. Evil because they cause harm to others, because they destroy and kill that which is the most precious possession we have been granted… life.

But it must also be known, that throughout history mankind has demonstrated the greatest acts of love, life and kindness. The many times over one man has exposed or even given up his life for the benefit of others, many times when people have joined in an un-selfish desire to make life better for their brethren. When that which we know as love has triumphed over that we understand as wicked.

Those who watch and need to know have seen that which could not be explained in words. For how could love be explained in words? It is not a word… it is an action… and it is an action which is as vast as He who shares such virtue.

Life is the product of love. It is what gave birth to everything and without love there is no need for life.

The complete definition of love is something which is still unknown, and every act of kindness, every self-less act, every act which benefits life is considered a definition of love, because without love, there is no interest in life.

It boggles the mind, it defies logic, it is beyond understanding… it is called… love.

Just as life is a product of love, so is love a product of an all-mighty God which shares Himself un-selfishly, relentlessly, completely. He is life itself and nothing has life without Him. Life is God’s essence, just as love is the essence of life, and all of that which is good comes from one and the same source.

Good is the word we utilize for everything that benefits our existence. When we are happy, when we are at peace, when we are content, and many and all of those things which makes life worth living are… good.

Good is the essence of love, and it is the birth place of life.

It seems out of context, and against logic when we are asked to give up our lives, to deny our life, to follow the path of the cross in order to gain eternal life, but that is only because we do not understand the odyssey we go through.

Everything is not as it seems and in order to understand why life would ask for life in order to live, requires more than just a few pages…

The Immutable Grace of God

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