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The Revelation

There should be no question as to the fact that our Lord God is eternal, infinite. What this means is that He is never-ending in every manner we may be able to comprehend, for our understanding and the capabilities of our understanding are limited, but this does not mean that God is the same.

The Word states that we were created in His likeness, and made in God’s image… but… there end our similarities. From there on, God is nothing like we are because He is infinite in every way… If we can understand our abilities, and then amplify them into the infinite, we would be closer to who God is and what God can do.

We cannot do anything for The Lord our God, but if we can understand Him, then we can understand what He can do for us. God is the complete opposite of John F. Kennedy’s words. God is not interested in what we can do for Him, He is interested in what He can do for us. God doesn’t need anything from us… nothing, but He knows that we are… needy… very needy, even then, we cannot disappoint God, because God cannot be disappointed. Why? Because God is Good.

What we need to understand is that God’s goodness has no limits, no end, therefore, He cannot ask for anything, He can only share.

Because God suffers long, God is kind, God believes all things, God bears all things, God hopes all things, God endures all things. (I Corinthians 13:4-7) God cannot do otherwise but to be… good; being good does not ask, nor needs a reason.

It is in God being beneficial that His glory is, He is magnified, He is expressed, He becomes visible. It may be hard to understand, but this is true nonetheless. Why?

Because God is not like us.

If we had everything… meaning everything… what else would we need? We would need to share because otherwise, everything… wouldn’t have any purpose. It would be comparable to a tree falling in a great forest with no one to witness such a thing.

When we are speaking of God, this understanding is taken to a whole infinite level, for that is what God is… infinite. The greatest of all understandings is that God is… good in an infinite manner.

Now, if that is not enough to boggle the human mind… for good is such a small word, but when we are capable of understanding good in an infinite manner, it becomes even more mind-boggling. Because this word… good… is home to so many great virtues and they are all a part of Him we have known as God and they are all just as infinite as God is, for they are a part of the infinite God.

So, what else can God do but share Himself, and if He is only good, what else would He share but all of His goodness?

Now let’s be clear, for God does request something from those who want to share what He has to offer. Come now, if we had everything to share and we would want to share all of our goodness, wouldn’t we want something in return also?

Here again, we have to understand that God is not like us, we would want something selfish because that is all we are able to understand, but God is not like us. Besides, we can’t give Him something even if we wanted to.

Nonetheless, there is something which is required…

We have to acknowledge Him.

Seriously now, if you were a great big tree in the middle of a great big forest and you were about to topple over, wouldn’t you at least want someone to witness your fall?

Now that is a very bad comparison when speaking of God’s desire, but let’s hope there is some understanding of why God would request something in return.

For God does request that we acknowledge Him, and this is accomplished by confessing Him as our Savior in every opportunity we are given. As for the rest of all those things we find so troublesome…

We encounter such difficulties only because we forget or don’t understand God. For The Lord, our God is infinite and willing to share His virtues with all of those who are His children. Therefore, if we understand that we can share His love, His nature, His strength, His power, we will have no problem with any obstacles.

We find these obstacles hard to overcome because we rely on our own abilities to overcome such difficulties.

When we learn that it is God’s will and the only possible manner in which to have victory is, that we rely on His virtues to overcome all obstacles, then we will be on the right road to understanding who God is. It is God’s promise in Mathew 7:7-8. His statement has but a single demand… ask, seek, knock, for God is very interested in our victory.

This invitation has one purpose, let’s not be mistaken, God is interested in one thing, very interested in this, our salvation. Our salvation meaning, His complete knowledge that being in His presence for all eternity, is all we need.

Our quest to become what is required is a quest to become like Him, and how do we accomplish this? We become like Him, through Him, it is the only way. He has what we need and He is willing to grant it to us, God is actually insisting, for He knows there is no other way.

God is love, He is holy, He is strength, He is wisdom, He is power, God is everything which gives life, benefits life, joy, peace, contentment, happiness. God is these things. Is it hard to understand? Can we understand this? Well, it’s not necessary, we don’t have to understand God, in all truth, we can’t, but we don’t have to… all we need is to have a little faith.

Faith is to believe in our hearts and act accordingly to that belief. God will make the rest happen.

Believe not only that we can appropriate God’s abilities, God’s virtues, but that He insists that we do so. It may be difficult to understand but God is sharing with us even His immortality, yes… for even that He is willing to share.

Is there a requirement for this willingness of God? Yes… it’s called faith.

We can’t see God, we can’t touch God, we can’t comprehend God, but we can have faith in Him. It is believing (faith) that it is God’s love we utilize, it is believing that it is God’s nature we have, it is believing it is God’s strength we utilize, it is faith when we speak God’s word, it is faith when we act accordingly.

We can’t see it, we don’t understand it, but we can have all of this, if we believe.

Faith is activated and brings results when we move towards the tomb even when we are fully aware that we are incapable of moving the huge boulder blocking the entrance to where we last saw our Master.

Faith is activated and brings results when even after one hundred years of being without a son, we wait expectantly for it to happen.

Faith is activated and brings results when we leave our comfortable bed at four in the morning to go and kneel in prayer (speak) to a God we have never seen.

Faith is activated and brings results when we speak of a salvation we can contemplate someday in the future.

Faith is activated and brings results when we wait expectantly for the unimaginable miracle of being transformed and taken up to God’s heaven.

Faith is activated and brings results when we believe that even when our salvation is mission impossible for us, God will find a way to make it happen.

Faith is activated and brings results when we appropriate through faith of all of those promises granted to us in The Word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And speaking of The Word of God, it is there where we must start our journey. His Word will birth that faith requirement, and as we read the Gospels, we will hear His voice as He speaks to us about who God really is.

Jesus Christ… the visible image of The Invisible God and His most precious expression of that eternal love.


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