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A Child of The Everlasting God

Faith is one of the main components of all those who have been “quickened” by The Holy Spirit of God because otherwise, their spirit would not have been quickened. And even when most people who confess The Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior don’t understand what happens to them when they make this sincere confession, nonetheless, the “new birth” does happen. It is faith because even when we cannot see what happens, most of those who have been “quickened” believe in something their eyes cannot see, their minds cannot understand, Jesus Christ.

To believe what The Word of God says, can only happen through faith, because who can understand that The Son of The Almighty God came to this world? Birthed through the power of that same God, into a human body so that He could suffer a terrible sacrifice in order to “redeem” mankind from sin? To believe in the testimony of some others who saw Him after His body had died? After the resurrection? To believe that He was the Son of God? The Only True God? A real God?

Only through faith can this be believed.

Even when this little piece of information may be hard to accept and even harder to implement, (put into action) it is nonetheless, only the beginning. “The new birth” is the beginning of a “new life”. Now as most people can understand, a beginning is the start of something and if it is the start of something, what follows this beginning?

Indeed, if this is all true, then there is much we can deduce from such information. For example, according to this information, this Word from God, when our spirit is “quickened” we become children of an Almighty God, and if we are children of an Almighty God, then we should be able to…

Now let’s pause for a minute and rewind because there are some stipulations which we must understand before we can proceed and become a child of The Almighty God. The new birth has happened but a gift which is 1) unwrapped, a gift which is unwrapped but 2) is not “on”, a gift which has been accepted, put on, but 3) not utilized, is a gift which has not been accepted.

There are requisites which we must implement (actions) which are the foundation of this… new birth. When The Lord God gives birth to a new child, such child has obligations to He who gave birth to him. Meaning that for us to be children of The Almighty God, we have to… behave as such.

This is where most of those who have received the quickening of their spirits… fail. Most don’t know how to proceed, some don’t even understand what has happened to them, and there are a few that are unwilling to strive, struggle, and battle for understanding. Understanding is essential. It is the main reason Jesus Christ chose to have disciples because a disciple is one who learns from a master until he is capable of “standing” by himself. Until then, he should not try to be anything else.

The new birth is the greatest gift any Being can be granted; it is also something which must be “guarded” and cared for, a precious jewel of unimaginable value, and as any valuable jewel, there are those who would steal this wondrous gift. It is the birth of a child of The Almighty God, and therefore a marvelous event. Truthfully, it is such a miracle that it can barely be understood by the human mind but that is because it is not something we need to understand, it is something that through faith we must accept. Even when we cannot understand, it is the will, the desire, the accomplishment of an Almighty God who has done as He wants, and God wants us… humans… to be part of His family.

We at such moment birth into the family of God, as blessed as those immortal angels who have been with The Almighty God since time before memory.

It is at this conjunction where we stumble, for we remain chained to a life which has nothing to offer, but since it is all, we have ever known, it is difficult for us to change, to be renewed, to accept that now we are something more than just… flesh.

We stumble because this new life must be lived by faith, meaning that we must implement a completely different life-style. No longer do we guide ourselves by the rules of this world’s dogmas, this world’s perception, this world’s desires and wants. It is essential that we behave, live and act as children of an Almighty God, as heirs to His kingdom, as messengers of His divine invitation. As children of The Almighty God, we have a solemn duty to proclaim God’s desire for mankind.

It is a call to true humility, to live our lives responsibly, to deepen our devotion to the cross at any price. Being sober, moving only in the spirit, as aliens and strangers in a hostile foreign land. The message we are to proclaim is repentance and forgiveness, the offer of salvation to the dying race of mankind. (A song)

What we should know about faith is, that faith does not work unless there is an action. Meaning that if we proclaim something through faith, we must follow such proclamation with an action, otherwise, such proclamation remains inactive. The action is the “power” which makes faith work. When a person proclaims a sincere confession of repentance and confesses Jesus Christ as his Savior, this brings about one of God’s promises and therefore, the new birth. Now for the “gift” to be effective or fulfilled, there must be an action, otherwise, the gift becomes useless, because such faith was not followed by actions, and therefore the confession was either a moment of emotional upheaval, something we later become fearful of following or just plain indifference. Regardless of whatever it may be, faith dies because of inaction.

The problem most Christian’s encounter is, the difficulty of proceeding, and living, as they confess with their words. The Word of God warns us that… “They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him,” (Titus 1:16). This Word of God speaks of a problem which has been a great stumbling stone in Christianity for our present-day church. “Works” does not mean labor, it means lifestyle.

It is a statement which we find throughout the Word of God in different manners but refer to the same demand. The Lord Jesus Christ said it this way, “He who love Me, keeps my commandments.” Because a child of God must believe in God’s Word, must believe in God’s promises, and… must live according to what he confesses with his words. Many or most of God’s promises must be accessed through faith, (actions), meaning that if The Word of God promises that He will heal all our sicknesses, then why do Christian’s “consult” a doctor? Why are Christians sick when God promised that by “His stripes we are healed”? Why do Christians worry about the plagues which afflict this world when we have God’s Word of protection? Wasn’t there light in Goshen while there was darkness all over Egypt? Has our God ever failed?

No… God has never failed; it is we Christians who are failing.

We deny with our lifestyle what we confess without mouths. It is that simple. God cannot be otherwise, He cannot be anything but faithful, and His Word cannot do anything else but what it says.

A child of God must live as a child of God, He must speak as a child of God, He must act as a child of God and he must be convinced, beyond any doubt that God will do as He has promised.


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By; Daniel Hernandez-Davila

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