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     God is not the product of my worship, He is not a product of my praise, God is not a product of my words. My worship, my praise, my words are a product of His presence in my life.

     God presence in my life is a product of doing what he desires me to do, to follow His commandments, to keep his statutes, to do His will.

     We have fallen into a routine, a custom, a formality, and grown used to doing things that seem Christian like, but a relationship with The Savior is much more than just words.

      Christian means follower of Christ, imitator of Christ, Christian means doing as He did, following His footsteps as closely as my faith permits. My lifestyle must be a reflection of His lifestyle, otherwise I am deceiving myself.

      His word must live within my mind, it must permeate my thoughts, it must be the guide, the light which shines upon my daily walk in this world.

     There must be a constant prayer within me, a constant praise, a constant worship. My thoughts must always come back to that which is most important in my life, back to God, persistently insisting on my need to be close to Him.

      God’s presence in my life must permeate everything which I do throughout every day’s chores. I cannot forget, not for a moment. The gift is too precious.                                             DHD

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