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Better to be a Slave

At the beginning of creation, God made many beautiful children, they were gorgeous, beyond any beauty we have ever contemplated. They were made intelligent, with intuitive knowledge, meaning they knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Immortals who possessed all of the qualities required for an immortal life in an immortal kingdom. A glorious existence.

The only thing which ruined this perfect paradise was something called freedom of choice. Of course, freedom of choice was necessary, for God did not want slaves, He wanted children and children could not be slaves. So, God, gave His children what we call freedom of choice.

This ability brought what we now know as the fall of one of God’s children, because this child thought he could do things which cause him to change. The problem which this child encountered and what caused his ruin was the unalterable fact that all good comes from God and there is nothing good unless there is God.

When this child moved away from God, he lost God and therefore he lost everything which is… good.

When this happened, it created an aberration in the timeline of God, because this childish rebellion caused a need. A need to understand all of what we now understand.

So, God decided to remedy what had gone astray, what had deviated form the righteous path, to reestablish what God had in mind from the very beginning. An eternal kingdom.

It required… more children, but these children would be made different, with a specific purpose and with… freedom of choice. Of course, this freedom of choice brought along the same results, one of the children chose the wrong path… again.

“Hey now” you say, Didn’t God learn the lesson the first time, did He have to go and do the same mistake all over again?

The unavoidable problem stems from the fact that God’s children cannot be His children without freedom of choice. He knew this. It is not God who needs to understand, it is His children that need to know.

It is better to be a slave in God’s presence than to be free and away from Him.


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