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Understanding Not Required...

There have been a great multitude of “ideas” since the beginning of mankind, for we are always trying to understand, always desiring to gain knowledge, to put into place those things which come to our attention, those things that bother us. Why this and why that, where, who, and when?

Those great philosophers, the great theologists, and just about every person who thinks he knows something… comes up with a theory. The most problematic of these “great” people, attach a “this is the way or else” to their theories. As it was when most of the people believed the earth was flat… “If you go too far, you will fall of the edge of the world.” In their shallow understanding, they would burn others at the stake because of their… “this is the way or else” belief.

We should not deny the fact that the enemy of mankind has twisted the truth in so many ways, that in our “modern” days, it is almost impossible to discern the truth. Nor the fact that the greed of many has contaminated the gospel, with their desire to take advantage of the people, these have spread false beliefs in order to enrich themselves. Or the fact that some “Christians” have come up with the “this is it or else” theory. Maybe well- meaning but in their mistaken belief, many fall into a path that is not Christ-centered.

As far as the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word is pretty clear, and the path, even when many have tried to obscure it, the path remains clear, for the path to heaven is… follow the footsteps of The Master. Christian means… Imitator of Jesus Christ.

The problem with some Christians in our “modern” days, comes from the mistaken belief that… “this is it or else” … theory.

Salvation belongs to God and to God alone. Period.

For example; the man crucified next to Jesus Christ. He did not even know Jesus’s name and most certainly, he had not lived a pious life, though this last one is unknown. Nonetheless, he is in heaven right now.

Another example; When John The Baptist baptized, in who’s name did he do so? Was his baptism of no use? In who’s name did Jesus’s disciples baptize? For at the time, Jesus was just another man.

There are two unalterable conditions in God’s word, only two. Both are commandments which MUST be followed. These are truly it or else, but only these two are demands which God stated.

One is; Jesus Christ, John 3:16, it leaves no other alternative. He is the ONLY way. Jesus is God’s visible expression of love. The invisible God made visible for the love of His children.

Second; to follow His footsteps, meaning a pious life, a lifestyle (regardless of excuses) which is centered in holiness. Sharing unselfishly the goodness God has granted us, the life God has blessed us with.

The rest of the “theories” we may come up with have NO weight on salvation.

That there is only one God, that there are three Gods in one, that The Holy Spirit is not a person, that only the baptism in the name of Jesus will save us… these and many others are just “theories” our beliefs, our “ideas”.

Let’s keep them as “our ideas” but let’s not attach them unto salvation, for if we add our “ideas” unto The Word, we may find ourselves on a path that does not lead to heaven.

There are many “Pharisees” and many “Sadducees” in our modern days, who “think” only they know the road to heaven, but that is just what they are… Pharisees and Sadducees.

When The Lord calls, He will be calling His Bride… not Pentecostals, not Methodists, not Baptists, nor any other… “denomination” … The Lord will call His people, His church and there is only ONE church. One people.


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