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Updated: May 14, 2021

It seems strange, that after thousands of years in mankind's history and so much grace, we still possess little understanding of God. He has been trying to share Himself with mankind since the very beginning, trying to bring an understanding of Who He is. All… All of what God has done has but one single purpose, that which was stated by Himself when He said, “that they know You, the only True God.”

When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, God had but one single desire… “Where are you?” was the only request God made. It wasn’t why did you disobey my command? or what did you do? It was just… where are you?

Regardless of what we think we know, or what we think is right, regardless of what we think of God, we know very little and most of our concepts, theories, beliefs are… wrong.

For example; the belief of worship. If God created man so that man could worship Him, then God had a selfish desire. It was what condemned the angel named Lucifer. He wanted to be worshiped. Would it make a difference if he had been a god? Would it make a difference that he did not create those who worshiped him? Would it make a difference if he had created those from whom he demanded worship?

Everything God has done He has done for… our benefit, for the benefit of those He shares Himself with, for the benefit of His children. We cannot give something to God, nothing, even worship does nothing for God. Worship benefits the one who gives this, we are benefited when we worship Him, it is something God knows as beneficial for… us.

Another understanding, one which has been written before. God is not like us, this will be repeated, God is not like us, He is beyond any understanding we may have, the most beautiful of all that is beautiful, the greatest of the great, and the list is very long. When any being KNOWS Him, the natural reaction is… worship. It is a natural reaction to His existence; His presence causes this. Gratitude, praise, admiration, astonishment, and this is another long list, it is a natural reaction in those who come into His presence, it is just GOD.

The statement, God is Good is also misunderstood, because we do not know the extent of how good God is. For the longest time, mankind has entertained the idea, (self-centered idea), that God has need of mankind, that we are useful, that we can do things for God.

Mankind can do nothing for God. Nothing.

Everything which God has permitted, has been for our benefit, everything. Too many are those times when men have tried to help God and the only thing they have accomplished is a great… blunder. That we need to spread the Gospel, that God needs us to spread the Gospel, that the Gospel will not be heard all over the world unless we speak, that God cannot accomplish this any other way… What? That we have to “peddle” the Gospel in order to spread the Gospel. That lots of money is the only way, that God needs the television to spread the Gospel, that God needs the radio to spread the Gospel, that God has need of… us?

The only reason God has permitted, gifted, shared the blessing of being useful in His hands is… God is Good. The only reason.

When Christ said that if mankind did not worship God, He could make the rocks of the earth worship Him. Christ was stating a truth and that truth is, God has no need of mankind. It is, as it has always been… pure Grace.

The magnitude of God is not for the human mind, He is beyond our understanding. It is God who shares Himself, and only He is able to do this, because only God can reveal Himself. No one else knows God, but God. He shares Himself with everyone, but it its He who shares Himself.

To know God is to understand that He is Beyond anything our little pee brain may think it knows, for example, God is everywhere and in everything. Now that statement as in all statements we entertain concerning God, cannot be limited by the understanding our human mind possesses.

God is in everything means, God is in everything, yes, everything. God is everywhere meaning; God is everywhere, yes, everywhere. It may boggle the human mind but that is because its not meant to be understood by the limited human mind.

God is in everything means that He is in every life of every child of His, He is in their composition, he is in their mind, or consciousness, He is in their thoughts. He is there without changing our self, without altering our consciousness, without interfering; nonetheless, God is in everything.

God is everywhere meaning; He is outside time, something He created but is not subject to, for God is at the beginning of creation, He is at the present, and He is in the future. God is in all those “places” in His fullness. He is with every child of His in every moment of that child’s existence. God is not like us… He is God.

God wanted to give the best He had to His children, He wanted to share the best He had with them, with everyone of them. It was necessary that His children could see Him, because His children could not be like Him, there is only one God. How could His children share with Him if they could not see Him?

Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God in all of His fullness. His expression of love, His expression of interest. Jesus Christ is the expression of the invisible God’s most beneficial manner of sharing Himself.

God’s children required something they could see in order to share with Him, to have communion with God, to friendship with Him, they required that The Invisible God become… visible.

It is impossible for mankind to understand everything God entails, but slowly, little by little, God has revealed Himself. What we can be certain of is His desire, which is stated in the simple question posed to Adam when he did something God did not want him to do. Today, and since the creation of mankind, God is interested in the same thing, the same question… Where are you?

God cannot trespass on our freedom of choice, this He cannot do, but if we invite Him into our lives, He will participate of every moment in our lives. It is, has always been, God’s only request.

He has everything else in His capable hands.


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