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There is very little doubt concerning the awesome power which anointed Jesus Christ as the Son of God, it was so awesome that multitudes followed Him wherever He went. Listening to His powerful words, seeing the power flow out and into all those who were sick. Watching as evil spirits came and bowed before Him, calling Him The Son of God. So awesome was the anointing over Him, that no man could resist His calling, and when He called, they dropped everything and followed Him.

When the time for Jesus Christ to come to this world and take upon Himself all the shameful difficulties we Humans encounter, there came over a virgin, the shadow of the Holy Spirit and the virgin found that she was with child, even when she had never been with a man.

The purpose of Jesus Christ coming in this manner was all important. It was essential that Jesus Christ be untarnished, completely without any connection to sin. Because, even when He would have to suffer most of the “shortcomings” of this body made of flesh, He had to be pure when He offered Himself in expiation for the sins of Mankind. Through the virgin which brought Him to earth, Jesus Christ was completely human, and through the Father which procreated Him, Jesus Christ was completely pure. His consciousness was fully aware of who He was, even when He had to suffer the slow development of the human body.

What can be argued is, Jesus Christ’s only divinity, was the fact that He knew who He was and where He came from, but otherwise, He was completely human.

Many would argue that statement, and tell everyone about how such power as the one Jesus Christ possessed could only be divine, and therefore He was all God. Those who would argue in such manner, would be half right but have never understood the reason for the new birth. That it was divine power; there is no doubt about this, but Jesus Christ while He was in His human body possessed no divine power.

It was The Spirit which guided Him, worked through Him, and all of that which He did, from the need to go into the desert, to His choice of Disciples, to His travels throughout the land, all of it was the work of The Holy Spirit of God.

Jesus Christ was the first one to be “procreated” by The Holy Spirit of God, and the first one to be fully guided by The Holy Spirit of God. What we must understand is, that Jesus Christ was the first, but not the last. Every Son of God after Jesus Christ has been “procreated” by The Holy Spirit of God. It is the reason Jesus Christ made such an emphasis on the new birth, because being born of The Spirit of God became a requirement, a requirement which cannot be annulled, or bypassed. No one, He said, can come into the kingdom of God, UNLESS, he be “quickened” by The Holy Spirit of God.

Why is this so important? Why make such a demand? Why leave no other alternative? Because from Jesus Christ on, this is the “dispensation” of The Holy Spirit of God.

A dispensation of the gospel is a period of time in which the Lord has at least one authorized servant on the earth ( a Paraclete) who bears the holy priesthood and the keys, and who has a divine commission to dispense the gospel to the inhabitants of the earth.

It is the dispensation of The Holy Spirit of God, a dispensation which started when He “procreated” Jesus Christ.

Now; The Holy Spirit of God will ONLY work, minister, talk, accomplish, through the spirit which lives in mankind, yes, the one which keeps us alive and the one He “quickens” when the new birth occurs in those who accept the precious blood which washes away all our sins. Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, The All-mighty God can declare that His justice has been satisfied, through The Holy Spirit of God, the believer can become worthy of such sacrifice.

When the sinner repents, he is given 100% forgiveness, but this 100% forgiveness cannot be carried faithfully unless The Spirit of God participates of the rest of that believers’ life. Only through the help of The Holy Spirit can a believer accomplish a successful change, from the old man and the sinful ways of his flesh, to the new man and a spiritual life in Christ.

If not for The Holy Spirit of God, no man or woman would be saved, even if they had verbally accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, it is only because of The Holy Spirit’s ministrations that mankind can repent, change and be saved.

Here is where the static comes in, because we don’t want to come in through the road He has provided. We want to follow, we want to do, we want to worship… as we want.

But the requirement is law. It cannot be changed. It cannot be bypassed. We will not be able to come into the kingdom of heaven unless we do exactly as we are told…

It is through the new birth, the quickening of our spirit. It is the only way. The Holy Spirit of God will not work with our sinful flesh, for the flesh is inclined, prone, and even eager to sin. It cannot do otherwise. The Holy Spirit is… Holy, and only through something which is Holy can He work. Our spirit, the one who remain “dead” when we were in sin, remained dead because it is holy, a God given gift, and therefore Holy, because everything that comes from God is Holy.

Through our spirit, The Holy Ghost can work in us, work through us, and finish the work our Good Lord started; for at the cross, Jesus Christ started the marvelous work of redemption, but it is The Holy Spirit which brings it to culmination.

There is too much information concerning this truth and with regret I must refer the rest of this information to the book.

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