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To those who are left behind

We could say we are sad that we are no longer with you, but the truth would be we are now with The Lord and it is a joyous occasion for those who are no longer upon this earth.

For you who are left behind, we need to say we are sorry we were not able to do more for you. We prayed and we spoke repeatedly to you concerning the Lord calling his people, you just didn’t listen or were too occupied.

Now, it’s too late, and even while you are now terrified and confused, you should not be too sad, because now you know for certain there is a heaven and there is hope.

Your time now will not be easy, so listen carefully… because you are about to die. The great difference is that if you give up your life for Jesus you will live in Heaven; if you can’t or don’t, you will die anyway, but you will not wake up in heaven.

You MUST not participate of what other people will do now, because there are many who don’t care where they wake up after their body dies.

You MUST not let the authorities place a (mark) chip in your body. They will insist very convincingly.

When the time comes, you must surrender your life without a struggle. It will not be easy. Those who want you dead are led by the devils, and they do not know mercy.

It does not matter what others say, don’t believe in anything someone says. There is only one way of not ending in hell, the way of the cross.

If you participate of the madness, and defend yourselves by killing;

You will most likely not make it to heaven.

Only by giving up your life earthy life will you be saved. This is something which has never changed, we gave up our earthy lives before you, it is the only reason we heard the call. We denied ourselves, we sacrificed our earthy lives, and followed Jesus Christ’ example.

Pray to The Lord for the strength to give your life up for the blessing of being in His kingdom.

Heaven awaits, but you MUST now conquer the privilege.

I pray The Lord Jesus Christ gives you strength.


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