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The Wonders of God

The marvelous earth in which we live is just one of the many marvels God has created. This planet has a multitude of wonders and we enjoy most of them. From its beautiful oceans to its immense high peaks, we are amazed by all of that which He has created.

It is amazing to think that even when He did such beautiful work in this creation, God knew that this creation would eventually come to an end. How astonishing is the understanding that God is able to make such beauty and that He did this knowing that He had to make something new when this creation came to its end?

More amazing is to think that if He did such wonders in a creation He knew would end, how much more wonderous will be the creation of what He knows will be eternal?

God’s abilities are beyond even our imagination, beyond our understanding, and even when we are told that this creation required seven long “days” it is still amazing to think about the creation of this whole universe in such short time.

There are a multitude of wonderous prophesies which are unfulfilled and still to come. When we contemplated these, they seem beyond anything we can ever imagine. Amazing wonders of God.

Such prophesy as the translocation of God’s people, whom will disappear in “the blink of an eye” and be transformed into angel-like people, with immortal bodies. It is promised that these blessed chosen people will reign with God for all eternity. Kings and Priests of an all-mighty God.

The prophesy of a “new” earth and a “new” sky. New means never used. How marvelous it will be? An earth which will remain eternally, inhabited by those beautiful Beings which form God’s family. Beings which are blessed with glorious appearances and majestic powers. The gifts of an all-powerful God.

The prophesy of the city of God, the new Jerusalem whose dimensions are mind-boggling. It is written that the city’s measurements are twelve thousand furlongs measuring up, around… and going up? How big is twelve thousand furlongs? Twelve thousand furlongs in our measurements is equal to fifteen hundred miles. An airplane flies at thirty miles above the surface of the earth, after that it becomes what we call space.

It is small wonder that many are those who wish to demise God’s abilities by trying to explain such prophesies using their small pea brains to render some understanding they can cope with. Nonetheless, those who believe in an all-mighty God know that for Him, all things are possible. It is sad that we continue to belittle God, but God is either an all-mighty God or He is not, which will it be?

The most amazing wonder, of all of God’s wonderful existence is the fact that He is a blessing in every manner of His existence. It is NOT that He blesses every one, it is that He IS the blessing of all those who are alive. Such is the greatness of His existence, that He cannot do otherwise. Meaning that God cannot to something else but bless those who are His children.


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