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The Truth about Hell

It is not a subject one should approach without trepidation, for it is the one place no person should have to see, much less be confined there. There have been a multitude of “stories” throughout the recent history of mankind and many have, (according to them), seen such a place.

Strange is the fact that before Jesus Christ, no one had been taken there, meaning that no person had spoken about seeing such a place. None of the Old Testament prophets spoke of seeing this place nor of what they understood of this place called hell.

It is also strange that none of the recent, known heroes of the faith have seen this place. Why would our Good God take anyone there? Why someone who is unknown in the Christian community? Would it not be much more beneficial for mankind to know more about… heaven?

Regardless of all the speculation and imaginations, there is only one “person” worthy of complete trust, and His name is Jesus Christ. What does His Word say about… hell? What did He tell us about this place?

The only account which Jesus Christ spoke of and can be trusted is found in the book of Luke. He gave us a name because when and if, we are blessed with entrance into God’s kingdom… we will find that person is already there. His name is Lazarus.

But we will speak of the other person, the one Jesus Christ did not name, because we will never meet him… The rich man.

The fact that only the book of Luke speaks of this account which Jesus told us, gives us a reason to question why only Luke narrates this story. The book of Luke, most Christian agree, was an account of the life of Jesus Christ witnessed through the eyes of… His human mother. Mary was with Jesus Christ from the very beginning, more than this, she was the only one who… knew… who Jesus Christ was from… birth. She did not leave Jesus alone… not for one moment. It wasn’t that she was with her son… it was that she was with her… God.

If any Christian was able to be with his God, it is a certainty that he would not leave his God alone… not even for one moment. When others missed Jesus Christ words, she did not, but the reason Mary talked about the account narrated by Jesus Christ concerning Lazarus is… She knew that one day… she would meet Lazarus.

Something which should be spoken is the fact that contrary to “the imagination of people” no one brought the rich man to this place. No… the devils cannot take anyone there. They have never seen this place and will only go there when it is their time to go there. Forcefully.

In all likelihood, the devil does not even know if a person is saved or condemned. He has no access to this place… none… ninguna.

Movies are entertaining and the imagination of men like Dante Inferno are just that… imaginations.

The Devil does not have “the keys” to hell and he is certainly not looking forwards to “reigning” there. The “keys” to hell are a metaphor.

There will be not fraternity, no friendship, no joy or pleasures… it is not a place of kingdoms, it is a place of torment, nothing else.

As the account is told, the rich man did not see anyone else where he was… he was… alone. Everyone who goes there will be… all alone.

There is only one who knows what hell is like and can be trusted with an account of what we can expect, should we “open our eyes” in such place. He created this place for the devil and his angels, so Jesus Christ knew what He was saying. Imaginations of people and their desire for recognition, their lust for fame and riches can make them say many things.

The rich man being in torment, lifted his eyes and seeing afar spoke. Asked for water. Recognizing others. Asking for forgiveness. Even thinking of his past life. (Luke 16:19-31)

This little piece of information tells us that in hell a person has all of his faculties. It is not going to be “the soul” or something else, it will be the whole person with all of his faculties who is condemned to this torment. The rich man had his eyes and his mouth, his ability to see and speak, to hear, to communicate, to feel, and to reason. His memory was intact, complete, and at no time did he deny his guilt.

There were two important things in the mind of this person.

One… he understood he was in torment. He felt his mouth was dry, he felt the heat of the flames, he remembered that water could ease his thirst, the dryness of his mouth, water would calm the torment. He remembered that another person might be able to help him. He knew the beggar who sat at his door. He understood the condition in which he found himself… and… he did not argue the reason why he was where he was.

Second… He wanted to warn others… He remembered his… family… his past life and he knew that his family would also come to the place he was in… unless… they repented and changed.

While there is life, there is time and while there is time there can be repentance and change, but otherwise, hell is where most people will eventually open their eyes, and when they do, they will be in the same situation as the rich man in the story. This is the truth about hell.

In this life, regardless of what we believe or don’t believe, there are ONLY two alternatives; we either, (by The Immutable Grace of God), go to heaven… or one day we will open our eyes in… hell. (God’s Word).


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