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The Struggle

Among the many struggles we encounter throughout our lives, there are some which are constantly in our foremind. It does depend upon our immediate interests, and the circumstances which surround us at that particular moment in life, but the everlasting inquiry into life, is ever paramount.

We have understood that a healthy lifestyle is essential to a long life, and likewise a good monetary investment is also needful to ensure that a long life has the means to cost living expenses.

Both of these require what has been called the law of the laborer. A healthy lifestyle requires that we spend “time” (among other things) in exercise. A conscious effort in that which we eat and proper rest, to name a few. A wise monetary investment is another one which will require a long struggle, a struggle that is best not to write down, because many are those who have committed terrible acts to ensure such monetary success and even simple people have to do things which are… dishonest, when it comes to monetary success.

The law of the laborer applies to all human beings and it applies to everything we try to accomplish. Each desire has its own struggle, each worthwhile endeavor can only be accomplished through a struggle. From the moment we are born to the end of our earthy lives, there is a struggle.

One of our constant struggles derives from a source which is difficult to understand, it seems to be an un-quietness, some bothersome un-rest, an emotional turmoil which resides deep within every human being. It is something which permeates all of our actions. In one manner or another, the whole of mankind suffers from this and strives to find an answer to this un-quietness we feel deep within all of us.

It is undeniable that every human being strives to do what we think is proper, even those who have not been taught, feel the need to do what is right. Throughout the whole world, there is a battle we fight; each person battling through their own perception of life, to attain what some have called… perfection.

The struggle can be seen throughout the whole world and those who have labored properly have attained a better lifestyle than those who have not. Those who have chosen to do what is right have a better lifestyle; and those who have chosen to do wrong have a poor lifestyle.

To be physically perfect, to be mentally perfect, to be morally perfect. Why morally perfect? What do morals have to do with our perfection? Why involve something that is intangible in our battle for perfection?

From the very beginning of mankind, there has existed this desire to understand… why? Why do we strive so hard to do what is right? Why do we shy away when we see something we perceive as… wrong?

Why do we demand that our leaders be righteous? Why is there this battle between perfection and un-perfect, between what is right and that which is wrong?

Even those who do not guide themselves by normal laws, have their own perception of right and wrong.

If life is such a short span of time, and we don’t have to give an account to anyone for our rights and wrongs, why do we strive so hard to do what is right when we don’t have to be accounted for our rights or wrongs? What is righteous and what is not?

When we struggle throughout life to achieve what we perceive as beneficial for us, we try to do it the right way because otherwise we would not achieve the desired result. So then, righteousness brings good results, while unrighteousness does not bring us “good” results.

In everything we do, the righteous way of doing whatever we do, will give us better results than doing it wrong, and since everything we do is a struggle, why not do it the right way?

And why should we involve our morals when we are struggling throughout life to do everything the right way? What are morals?

Morals are a person’s standard of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do… but, where does a person’s standard of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable… come from?

Some people’s standard of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do, differs from others, depending upon their culture and the teachings of those they grew up with.

Nonetheless, and regardless of culture or teachings of parents, moral values differ very little all around the world. Most of the people around this world agree with what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. (Unless you are one of those who has an un-realistic perception of life,) This stems from the fact that even when we come from different cultures and different teachings, what is right or wrong remains constant.

It does not matter from what side of this great world we come from, we all have the same… un-quietness, the same bothersome un-rest, the same emotional turmoil. The same questions plague all of mankind.

Why does mankind have morals? Why do we strive so hard to do what is right? Is there some reason for such struggle? Is there some reason for our existence? Why are we here? Does it all end when our short lifespan expires? And if so, why do we struggle so hard to do what is right?

There is an undeniable unquietness in all human beings which keeps nagging at us that it does not end when this body dies. That the struggle to do right is a good thing for us.

This restlessness, this deep emotional turmoil which lives in all human beings is called…

a soul.


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