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The Sad Story


Anyone who has studied the history of mankind can understand the truth of mankind’s repeated mistakes, its constant demise, it continued destruction. Over and again throughout the eons, we have heard of the multitudes of civilizations who have become extinct.

From the great deluge, to entire cities being swallowed up by the earth, to entire people’s disappearance from existence. Some might say, entire continents being swallowed, disappeared, as if they never existed. Over and again mankind has been destroyed, and for the same reason.

In our “modern” days, mankind has not changed at all, we are still headed in the same direction and soon enough, mankind will commit the ultimate suicide. For it has prepared successfully… its ultimate destruction.

What can anyone say of such desire, of such situation, of such foolishness? We can say, what must be said… We will never change! As it has been said before… history repeats itself… until… it can no longer do so.


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