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The Promises we were given

Many were the miracles performed through the ministry of Jesus Christ while He walked among the people of Israel. It is said that power flowed out of Him and all those who touched Him where healed. He called them back to life, resurrecting them without any doubts. He told the wind and the sea to be calm, as if it was a simple and common thing to do.

So powerful was His walk upon this earth that it changed even the manner in which we keep time.

His teachings were so beneficial, that two thousand years later we are still amazed by these. We may talk about other men who were exemptional human beings, but none of them came close to those things which Jesus Christ was able to accomplish.

It is amazing and something worth noting that He did promise that His followers could do the same things He did and He said, even greater things than those He did.

Here is where we might get confused, because we have always believed that great things are those things which we can see, those things which we can touch and hear. Jesus Christ was not talking about these. He was not talking about these because if we can do miracles than how can God claim any glory?

Does God grant us powers?

Jesus Christ could not claim to have suffered our weakness and trials if He was all God. He would not have been able to “atone” for us, if He had been all divine. He had to “strip” Himself of all divinity in order to claim to be our kin. For it is written in His word that only a relative can pay another’s debt.

The only divine attribute He possessed was the knowledge of who He was, where He came from, who His Father was. His consciousness remained intact, but the body He was “procreated” into had no divine powers.

Here is where God gets all the glory, because everything Jesus Christ did was done by God. We will skip the rest of such vast information and if there is any interest in such knowledge there is a book called The Efficient Teaching for The Spiritual Growth of The Christian. Seek and ye shall find.

What we will speak of is the fact that Jesus Christ said that His followers could do the same things He did and even greater things. Now if Jesus Christ said this, and He did, and it is God who did all of His miracles, then what was Jesus Christ talking about?

For we have no divine powers.

It is said, and righty so, that it is necessary to think “outside the box” something we rarely do. Our nature and ambient are hard to overcome, therefore it is easier to think on what we are custom

to contemplate. We are worried about our wealth fare, our debts, our lifestyle, but God is not worried about these. God has only one concern, our salvation, our need to be where He is, it is His only desire.

Everything God has done, has been done because of His desire to share Himself with us, with His children. It is so with Jesus Christ and even when good health is something God desires for us to have, it is not His main concern.

God’s only desire is for us to be where He is. There isn’t any kind of sickness, wrong or unpleasantness where He lives. All of those who are or will be there, will be perfect. He will see to that.

Therefore, when Jesus Christ spoke of doing great things as the ones He did, or even greater things, He was talking about salvation.

So, what great things did Jesus Christ do, that we can do also, concerning salvation?

Among the most formidable was the manner in which He was able to… pray. The manner in which He was able to… fast.

The manner in which He was able to hear and follow the voice of The Holy Spirit of God.

For this is where power resides


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