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The New Life…

One of the most difficult endeavors which all Christians find hard to accomplish is, this new life. This is because we… remember, and the memories are troublesome, worrisome and persistent. Nonetheless, we were given new life when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior. This permitted The Holy Spirit to “quicken” our spirit and that is when the new life begins.

The problem is that even when we are given a new beginning, even when The Lord we believe in has told us that all past “transgressions” are forgiven and even when He has told us that these have been “erased”, even then… these memories persist in tormenting us. Our past sins come clearly into our minds and keep “nagging” at us, reminding us every time of how “unworthy” we are, and how sinful we are, and how much we sinned in our past.

Of course, there are a few subjects which must be cleared.

First, is the indispensable requirement of being faithful to our Lord, if this is an issue, those memories will never go away. It is not that we have to be 100% faithful, even when this is possible, but the requirement is… “To strive lawfully”, (II Tim. 2:5) meaning to be true in our desire to do as our Lord commands. That is all our Lord asks, He will do all of the rest.

Second, is the fact, also indispensable, that even when our Lord has gifted us with all of the great benefits salvation entails… we… are in a war. This is, in all likelihood, the single reason most Christians fail in every Christian duty, because if we forget, ignore or are ignorant that we are in a war, and the enemy will… “eats us alive” (As they say) because of this. The enemy will “pummel” the Cristian and the Christian doesn’t have the slightest idea why he is failing so miserably. The war of the mind will never be won unless we are aware that there is a war in our mind.

It should be clear in every Christian’s understanding that this is not a four-year career. There is never an end to a Christian’s growth. This writing is just another little piece of necessary information, nothing more is intended.

The new birth is the gift of a new life, a new beginning, a new Father, a new family, a bright new beautiful hope, but we must appropriate this gift. Faith without action is useless.

To forgive is useless unless there be… forgetting. God knows this. It is one of the reasons for the new birth. The new birth permits our Good Lord to erase our past, and He will never remember this, for He is able to do this. We… on the other hand, are not so gifted, and the enemy, in combination with our ignorance are formidable obstacles.

Nonetheless, the new life… is a new beginning, and a new beginning, means… new.

There are certainly many ways in which we are unfaithful to our Lord’s promises, and this writing does not have enough pages, but our constant return to our past is one of these. For if God has told us that He has erased our past, why do we persist in remember such things?

The reason is simple, because if we can persist in our desire to be unworthy, then we can sit comfortably in our “stagnation”, in our paralysis”, in our “inactivity”. We can keep our friendship with the world around us, we can sit idly; if we think we are useless, then we don’t have to proceed with the rest of God’s demands. To be different? To speak out loud of this world’s sinful lifestyle? To break away from the “logical” system in which we live? To call on those things are eyes cannot, see? To believe in God’s promises?

The new life can only be truth, if we accept all of the ramifications this new life demands.


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