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The New Idols

It has always been mankind’s fallacy to idolize different people, things, possessions. Idols are a big part of the present generation, and most people worship one or another, sometimes more than a few.

Most people would be surprised if they were told that they have idols, or that they worship these things, for an idol is a… thing. It is nothing else than a… thing. Unless it be a person.

Worship is something most people mis- understand, meaning that they don’t understand what worship is. Worship is simply giving reverence, dedication, devotion, undeserved- importance, and all of this, is the sum of giving a thing or person our most valuable possession… our time.

Time is what we have and no one can tell us what to do with our time. It is the only valuable possession we have, everything else is negotiable, of little value or simply vain, meaning it will someday become obsolete. Only our time is of value, because we decide what we spend our lives doing, and by spending our time on something… we give value to whatever we spend our time on.

This is what real worship is…

It is not…

1) Worship is not a large number of words.

2) Worship is not a few hours of praise once a week.

3) Worship is not some sentiment of our soul. It has nothing to do with what we feel.

4) Worship is not some understanding of our mind.

5) Worship is not something we believe.

Worship is…

1) dedication

2) devotion.

3) Importance

4) Reverence

And all of these are equal to… time, our time, our life. Our most valuable possession.

In our modern days, the whole world has new idols, things this world worships, because they spend their time, their life, dedicated, devoted, to these new idols. Regardless of religion, faith or beliefs, when we give someone or something our most valuable possession…

it becomes our idol.


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