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There is an erroneous belief we have lived with for as long as memory serves. The belief that we have accomplished everything once we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior. This is a crucial mistake and one that has been a great stumbling rock for many Christians who stagnate with such thinking. From the very beginning, God has counseled the need to come closer to Him in every way possible. It was a commandment written in the first books of The Bible. Such as… Deuteronomy 4:29 & Amos 5:4 to name a few. This requirement has never changed.

Jesus Christ was… is The Way… God… procreated so that the forgiveness of sin could be possible, but the need to be Christ-like is not something which can be accomplished in a moment, not even a sincere… moment. Repentance can be a moment’s resolution, a moment of lucidity, a moment of blessed divine light, but the changed which God demands in every believer is a life long struggle. Is the reason the Scriptures repeat over and again the Christian’s need to “grow”. If we had accomplished everything when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, we wouldn’t have a need to grow.

To grow in what? You say… To grow in the commandment to be Christ-like. To grow in the commandment to be holy, to be perfect, to be as God requires. An instrument which can be useful in His desire to save all of mankind.

After so many years of a sinful lifestyle, the habits formed throughout these years will not be so easily eradicated. The flesh will not give up its authority over us without a battle. The enticements of the world around us will not fade with our repentance. And last, but not least, the enemy will come at us with all of his vast arsenal of God derailing schemes.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has promised victory and achieved such at the cross, but we must place that grain of sand in that huge pile of un-deserved favors, otherwise, the gift is void, for faith must be demonstrated. Faith without action is a lie.

The stumbles and lack of growth stems from the fact that we do not want to submit, we don’t want to battle, we don’t want to… change. Regardless of our thoughts, desires or rebellion, there is no other gospel.

The shadows in us must disappear.

The greatest of all those shadows which live in us is the one we find the Apostles fighting against in Mathews 17:21, where they are told that this “kind” does not go out but by prayer and fasting.

Many are those who think that prayer and fasting will grant us power, but this is another erroneous belief.

It is clearly stated in The Word, that God is the one who does… everything. Everything…. Everything. The only reason the Apostles could not cast this devil out was their lack of faith in God’s promises. It was the same reason why Peter began to sink in the water when he was told to walk towards Jesus.

It is the single greatest shadow which lives in us and the single greatest shadow which must be eradicated. Because victory was achieved when Jesus Christ resurrected but for us to acquire this victory, we must have… faith.

Faith is the greatest gift we can be granted, to believe in God’s promises without any doubt. It is not that we have powers or that we are granted powers, it is faith in God’s promise that everything we ask in Jesus’ name will be done. “Verily I say unto you, if ye have faith and doubt not,” (Mathews 21:21-22) “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do,” (John 14:13) And here is the reason why we need to pray and fast… “If ye abide in Me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” (John 15:7)

Because for us to have the faith to… “walk on water” to tell the Sun “stop where you are” to cast out the enemy will require that we have faith in His Word. Because God is the only one who has authority over the enemy.

Doubt is the greatest shadow that lives in us, and only through prayer and fasting will these doubts de eradicated.

When we enter into God’s reality, we are no longer guided by what we see, feel or think. There is no room for doubt in this “sphere” because we are in a realm where only faith has any value. Where only faith in His Word will help. Where we are completely dependent on our faith in His promises. And if our faith is not strong enough, then we will sink in the water like the Apostle Peter.

The requirement is prayer and fasting. Not just prayer alone, but prayer and fasting. Fasting breaks our dependency in what we see, feel and think, because fasting destroys the authority of the flesh, and transfers such authority to the spirit. It is a “road” which must be traveled, for it requires “hands on training”.

Total faith in His promises is an indispensable requirement for us to walk in God’s reality. For the sick to heal, for the broken to be repaired, for the blind to see, for the cripple to walk, for the dead to receive life.

How it happens? We don’t know. It is the reason we need faith. And our lack of faith can only be conquered through prayer and fasting. All good things come from The Father of Lights and only He can grant us the “kind” of faith we need. (James 1:17)


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