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The Missing-Link

(For Christians only)

It has been so throughout the ages of mankind and it is the will of The All-mighty God that His children become like Him through Him. It may be hard to explain because it must be experienced and only those who experience this wonderous happening can speak truthfully of how such a wonderous thing is possible, but this is what is revealed.

It is what happened to Jesus Christ and it is what happens to all those children of God who prevail in their quest for the Only True God. Jesus Christ was God become flesh, totally flesh. The only Divine residue was His consciousness, for this He could not leave behind. He knew who He was and He knew where He had come from, this consciousness, this awareness was the only Godly “component” Jesus Christ could not leave behind.

We can see this in the book of Luke where Jesus Christ is found by His parents at an early age speaking to teachers of the scriptures. His answer clearly says that He was aware of who He was.

(Luke 3:49)

There is no belittling of The All-mighty God in this understanding, on the contrary, it was a divine greatness for Jesus Christ, the Creator, the Sustainer of life, to leave everything, all of His glorious Self and become… human… for our sake.

The statement of Jesus Christ when He said that we could and would do all those things He had done and even greater things, should leave no doubt that being filled with The Holy Spirit of God is… indispensable.

What happened to Jesus Christ is what happens to all those birthed by The Holy Spirit of God, and continue to strive, to battle for that which was promised, committing their whole existence to the will of God. (Jesus Christ was the perfect example we are to follow). We become like Jesus Christ in the fact that The Only True God comes and “imbues” the child of God with… Himself. It is the will of The Only True God that His children are God-like in that they are part of Him, He is in them and works through them.

It is what was promised by Jesus Christ Himself when He said that God would come to His children and be one with them. (John 14:23)

The full understanding of such a “life-changing” occurrence is barely understood because the Christian world has never reach for what was promised. Instead, we have been “content” with the “primicia” of what is the greatest of all blessings.

As it has been stated before, salvation is a gift which is, was supposed to be, opened, unwrapped, put-on, and utilized. To receive the gift and leave it un-opened is rebellion. To receive the gift and leave it un-wrapped is rebellion.

To receive the gift, unwrap it and not put it on is ignorance. To receive the gift open it, un-wrap it, put it on and not utilize it is selfishness, self-centeredness, carnal. The gift becomes un-fruitful, and the person will never receive the reward, the promise.

This world does not need more “preachers” it does not need more information, it does not need more temples or a beautiful ambient, or more “enticing” “attractive” “better ideas” “agitated atmosphere”. Our “goodwill” accomplishes nothing, our best effort accomplishes nothing, our love accomplishes nothing. A full belly is not what this world needs. Information reaches the mind; it can never touch the spirit.

Mankind does not need to understand, it needs to be birthed by The Holy Spirit of God and only God can accomplish this. A momentary resolution is useless. It is a call to be renewed, change and be faithful to the end. Nothing else will do. It is useless for a person to confess his sins, accept Jesus Christ as his savior without committing to following Jesus Christ’s footsteps. Jesus Christ’ life-style. It will gain such person nothing.

Mankind needs more Christ-like Christians, Christians who are impregnated with the power of life, the power of The All-mighty God. The only life-changing power upon this world. Christians who have been Imbued, impregnated, by the All-mighty God Himself. (Luke 4:1)

For this to be a reality, the world needs Christian who are willing to go “the full distance” and submit themselves, give themselves, into the hands of the only one who can accomplish what is needed. (Like 14:33)

For without Him, we can do nothing.

All Christians are useless until they are impregnated by The All-mighty God. It is the example Jesus Christ left behind.

Before Jesus Christ began His ministry, He went out to the desert. For Jesus Christ it wasn’t a necessity, but for the rest of those birthed by The Holy Spirit of God… it is. Even when it might seem like a contradiction, it is in the desert that we find the “living waters”.

We cannot share what we don’t have.

Witnessing is someone who testifies of what has been done, but other than being a witness, he can do nothing. This world does not need more “witnesses”.

It needs more Christ-like Christians who are possessed with the life-changing power of The All-mighty God. Christians who have surrendered into the hands of the only one who can save this world.

This glory, God will not share with anyone. Salvation is His and His alone. Either He works through the Christian or the Christian is… useless. DHD

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