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The Lost Door

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The change in mankind’s manner of living has gone through some pretty amazing transformation. So much has changed that we could no longer recognize, much less regress to a person’s manner of life two hundred years ago. Many would say, why would we want to do such a thing? Life was difficult back then and the lifestyle was hard, filled with labor. Hygiene was nonexistent, nutrition was atrocious, and the personal abuse of those with power was rampant.

Modern life is so much easier, we go to school, we work through an education, become professionals at a chosen field and work through life to achieve our desired goals.

Simple, safe and effective.

This may be true, but in the process of this complicated simplistic lifestyle, mankind has forgotten what life is all about. In our desire to better life for all, we have become slaves to a complicated lifestyle which leaves little room for… living.

From early childhood, we are demanding accomplishments from our children which leave no room for… childhood. Our youth are pounded and subjugated into academic achievements which demand they forgo their youth years in exchange for this… education.

From then on, it becomes enslavement. A life of servitude to that which society sees as gains. “You are only worth what is in your checking account.” Some may say. Many are the astute “phrases” which twist the thought process of those who listen to such self-centered, ego-centric, “Mumbo-jumbo”. But… this is the life of our modern-day society; safe, simple and an effective manner in which to enslave humanity. For that is what mankind has become… slaves.

It may be that life was hard two hundred years ago, but at least there was life. There was time for the family, which was of paramount importance back then. There was time to spend with one’s children, play, teach and share. There was time for a… wife, husband.

There are too many in our modern-day society that have no knowledge of the joy in being a… father. Why…? Because we have no time for such things anymore. A father is not a… partner… a father is someone who has the “time” to care, to watch, to provide, to suffer whatever travails life brings and persevere in… being there when the need arises.

“The door” has been obscured by the “brambles” the “thorns” and the “bright gold” which we fancy to contemplate in the distance.

It is a mirage, one which vanishes when in the later years of life, we understand that it was all in vain, for we can not carry anything with us when we leave… and if there are no good memories, then there is only sorrow to keep us company as we dwindle away…

I pray The Lord Jesus Christ may permit an understanding in you of the word written in this little essay. If so, please share with others for their benefit also. The Lord Jesus Christ will call soon and we must be ready. I have, by the grace of God, built a website called; which I hope you will visit, use… the information therein and share this website with others.

Your brother in Christ, DHD

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