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The Lighthouse

As mankind began to travel the oceans of the world, a need for lighthouses became imperative. It was necessary because when a boat came close to the shores of certain lands, they needed to know how close they where so they did not break their ships against the rock which were usually a little further. This was of even greater benefit to those ships when it was night time, for then they were unable to judge or see the closeness of shore.

And then the storms made the lighthouses a requirement for those shores which were a danger to vessels coming in.

Light has always been one of the greatest benefits mankind has exploited and enjoyed. It has been most beneficial. Without light we would be hard pressed to accomplish everything mankind has accomplished.

Light is also known as understanding. There is an illustration of someone’ mind lighting up when he entertains an idea. Like the cartoon, Jimmy Neutron.

Darkness, which is the opposite of light, has always been a symbol, related, and even compared to fear. It is mostly because we cannot see well when it is dark, and our uncertainty of what may be hidden by darkness bring this fear in us.

They say our mind plays tricks on us when it is dark. Therefore, we tend to think of light as something good, while we think of darkness as something bad.

Lighthouses are thought as something good for mankind because they shed light when it is needed most, and for a ship lost within the darkness of a storm, a lighthouse becomes a savior.

It may be hard to believe, but all of what we take for granted, and most of what we think as something common or normal, has been pre-designed by someone who is more interested in mankind’s wellbeing than we know or understand.

For example, what mankind thinks as something wonderful, and has established from the beginning of creation, “a family”, was something instituted before the creation of man. A Father has been in existence since before the creation of the first man.

This is also true of light, something conceived from the very beginning, something thought as most beneficial for us and something established in this creation from the very beginning.

There is a comparison, which is good to share with others, because all of mankind is in the same… “boat”. It can be said that all of mankind is traveling the ocean of life and in waters which sometimes become “rough” or dangerous to the vessels traveling through. Sometimes there are storms which threaten the vessels.

There is a lighthouse, which was established well before the creation of mankind. It is a lighthouse which has always been shedding unending light, it cannot do otherwise. Its light is powerful and its light is most beneficial.

When the oceans of life become stormy and the waters become “rough” and your little ship seems to be in need of light, remember there is such a lighthouse.

Even before our existence, this lighthouse has procured what would be beneficial, what would be best, what we would need. Light…

This lighthouse has a name… Jesus Christ.


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