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The Lies of The Old Serpent

One of the most effective manners in which to manipulate the people is to tell them part of the truth but not all of it, only what is necessary for them to do what is needed. The problems is in… Who is needing?

Through ridiculing her understanding, dangling “the carrot” in front of her eyes, and telling her a half truth, the old serpent was able to get Eve to do what “it” wanted. It is the same “system” utilize by the same “creature”, which has always been behind everything that keeps us from freedom.

The “system” ridicules our understanding, “What kind of life is that? You need one of these. You don’t have one…? How can you live like that…?”

After that comes “the carrot” … “look at me… I am living the good life… I am slim… I look like “superman” … I have a great house… a new car… and I don’t even have to work.”

Then we get hit with the half-truth… “Anyone can do what I am doing.”

The sad part of this “game” is that almost the whole world believes the lies of the old serpent. They will not strive for the truth, it is one of the main reasons why we fall into every hole, ditch and trap along the path of our lives.

For an easy example… let’s talk about the woman of this world. (not the Christian woman... ha… ha) These are an easy and constant “prey” of the “powers” that “play” with them as if they were little children. Their “vanity” makes them an easy prey for those who desire “easy money” due to the fact that all they have to do is “pulls” on their “strings” and they’ll “dance” to the music.

These games go something like this… “You look better with this on…” “This makes you look slimmer…” “And one of the favorites of today… “This will make you lose weight…” Such nonsense is “played” constantly upon woman, and as we all know, with great success. The woman of today has “advanced” to the point where they will “alter” their bodies with the purpose… confessed by themselves… of pleasing their own ego-centrical… I…

The greatest weakness in most women… their vanity.

Such “games” are played upon men also, but with less success, this is due to the fact that even through men suffer from the same malady, they don’t require as much “makeup”.

These “games” of the mind have been “played” upon mankind from the beginning of time and even though they might seem like “innocent” games, and maybe necessary, they are nonetheless games which lead men to destruction by trapping them in diverse diabolical stratagems.

These “games” have taken… among others… this country (all United) to the bankruptcy; as The Word says… “Why do you waste your “money” in things which are not bread?” (Isaiah 55)

The “great games” (of which we are not directly participates) are played at a higher level and at much higher prices, (warning) these are played with the minds of great multitudes and many times at national levels. Some of them say something like this… “It is a matter of national security” … “It is for the good of the country” … and the famous words that changed the constitution of All United… “Don’t ask what your country can do for you… but ask what you can do for your country.” … This “message” had such a “sublime” call to the emotions of the people that they didn’t even bother to understand that this “idea” would change the roots of the constitution, which says… “by the people and for the people”.

It is sad that the only nation in the world, built under such thoughts as “for the people and for the people” would be contaminated and destroyed by false pretenses and covetousness. The greed of a few corrupted “the whole barrel”.

Many problems in our lives are cause by what we hear, by what someone told us. How it impacts our lives… We cannot stop that little voice in our heads which constantly keeps reminding us of… “How beautiful that car looks” … “How I would like to have one of those” … “It would look good in my parking lot” … “How I like that T.V. with a sixty-inch screen” … “It would look great in my living room” … “I want one of those” … “And the next version” … “and the one after that one” … “and the next one” … This keeps the “economy” of all united strong and it keeps us… enslaved!

“I need a T.V.” … “I need a VCR” … “I need cable” … “I need one in each room of the home” … “I need a computer” … “I need more than one” … “I need a cell phone” … “One for each member of the family” … “I need clothes” … “I need more clothes” … “I need shoes” … “I need dozens of them” … “I need a pair for each dress I wear” … “I need………

NO… that little voice inside your head is not God'

voice. Just because it “seems” good, that does not mean that it “is” good.

The only thing that mankind “needs” is to be saved… everything else is luxury.

Just because we hear that it is good, and that everybody has one, or that everyone is doing it, that does not mean that it is good for us. Our answer should be… “I am happy for what you have, but I cannot detain myself with these things, I don’t have the time, I am on my way to heaven and I cannot be following strange roads which might derail me from heaven’s “path.”


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