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The Last Week

The Great Tribulation Begins

The last week prophesied in the book of Daniel begins when The Lord Jesus Christ removes His Bride from the earth. From the moment the Bride of Christ is removed, the prophecy spoken by the angel begins to move forward once more and the end of mankind as is known begins. (70 weeks destined over your people Daniel 9:24-26)

From the beginning of The Great Tribulation to its end there will be seven years, which is the last week of the seventy weeks established for Israel by God.

According to the most Biblical scholars which traced the signs given by the angel who spoke with Daniel, sixty-nine weeks (483 Years) was the time, from the “decree to reestablish and build Jerusalem” to the Messiah Prince. The prophetic clock was interrupted by the arrival of Jesus Christ and the “time of Grace” began. This “time of Grace” will end when Jesus Christ Himself with the voice of trumpet will call His bride (The Church) to be with Him for all eternity.

At the beginning of the time frame of this last week, (seven years) the most important and miraculous manifestations of the grace of God in this period will take place. 144,000 Jews from Israel will be brought miraculously to the Grace of Jesus Christ, the true Messiah. According to Revelations 7:1-3 this will happen before any damage comes over the earth, sea, or vegetation. This means that their conversion will happen at the beginning of the seven years.

The context indicates that the evangelistically successful mission of these elected and chosen (from the twelve tribes of Israel) will be exceptional.

The two Prophets that will shake the world

Revelations 11:3-13 speaks of the most transcendental mission of these two prophets. God separates these two when He calls them “My two witnesses” (V.3) and by giving them “power”, Godly authority. Not only will they shake up Israel, but the whole world for one thousand two hundred and sixty days, the first half of the last week of human history as we know it.

Apparently, the whole world will hate their message of warning and exposition, because the whole world will rejoice when they are killed. (V.10) (Television?)

Also, at the beginning of this time, the false prophet and the antichrist (world-wide government) sign a pact of peace and protection with the nation of Israel. (Daniel 9:27)

The first series of judgements begins

The first series of judgements which will be unleashed upon the world, are called in the Bible, the seven “seals” and are registered in Revelations Chapter 6:1-11. The last two seals interlace with the final trumpets and the cups of wrath.

These “seals” are fixed on a book which contain the decrees of God’s judgement. The book is opened progressively by the rending open of each seal.

The First Seal-The Antichrist is revealed

The first seal is broken soon after the seven years begin, this seal releases “that Wicked” (II Thessalonians 2:8). “That man of sin” (V.3). Until that moment he had been “withheld” (V. 6) but when the seal is broken, the Roman Dictator, the false prophet, (One and the same) will begin his world-wide conquest. He will submit all the nations under his authority, utilizing the European Common Market as his political and economic base of power. The terror in which the whole world finds itself will also help this creature with his devious agenda.

General Conditions of the first half of the seven weeks of tribulation.

The whole world has entered into a state of anxiety, panic, depression, and terror. The cause? The disappearance of millions of people who have not left behind a clue as to where they went or what happened to them. Who better to explain a divine act than he who portrays himself as God on earth? This world-wide condition of terror, and the specter of a war which would end all life, is the perfect opportunity for the Roman “genius” to submit all nations under his authority.

The disappearance event will solve many of the world-wide problems, and the Catholic Roman Dictator will be quick to assume responsibility for fixing these as if it was his doing. The solution to poverty, economic collapse, hunger, and a fictitious peace brought on by the unanswered question… What just happened?

The whole world will say… “Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him? (Revelation 13:4)

“And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth,” (Revelation 17:11) The Roman Ecclesiastic Empire was, is not, but will be the last one, and it will be led by a despicable man who will pretend to be God. This man will prosper through deceit, and he will boast in his heart, and without warning will destroy many. (Daniel 8:25)

The world which rejected Jesus Christ will be given over to the deceit of this god-man. (II Thessalonians 2:9-12)

During the first half of the seven years, the persecution of the believers will grow throughout the whole world, persecuting those who believed in the preaching of the two witnesses and the 144,000 Jews.

Many false teachers and false prophets will rise and many of the believers will be deceived, others will be martyrized. The apostate world-wide religion of the antichrist will apparently conduct this persecution and all those who do not have the mark of the empire will be decapitated. (Revelation 6:9-11 & 20: 4 and Mark 13:22) (See also Mark 13:12-13)

The middle point of the seven weeks

Many things will now begin to happen quickly, when the middle point of the great tribulation is reached. This very important time is marked by a specific event. At the middle of the seventh week, the Roman Dictator will break his pact with the nation of Israel. “In the midst of the week, he shall cause the sacrifice and the “oblation” to cease”. (Daniel 9:27)

Then he will profane the temple, entering the holiest of holies and proclaiming himself as god. (II Thessalonians 2:4 & Mathews 24:15)

This act is considered as “the abomination of desolation” (Mathews 24:15-16). Jesus said that this was the sign for the believers still living in Jerusalem to flee to the mountains. Because when this happens, a series of world-wide catastrophes would take place. (Mathews 24:21-22)

Jesus warns the Israelite believers to flee because the protection coincides with the prophetic promise of Revelation 12:6 & 13:17.

Many believe that this site of protection for the Israelite believers is the old city fortress of Petra, which has been sculptured from the rocks of a protected canyon in the south of the Jordan.

The Second Seal is Opened

Soon after the “Abomination of Desolation” sits in the temple in Israel, the second seal is opened. “And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from earth, and that they should kill one another:” (Revelation 6:4)

Up to this time, the false prophet and the ecclesiastic empire have been able to keep a fictitious peace, but now, the war begins and his carefully made alliances are shaken.

First: The Arab armies begin a massive attack against Israel, (Zachariah 12:3) This war will probably be over the city of Jerusalem.

Second: The Soviet Union and their allies make this war an excuse to invade the middle east, and launch an enormous invasion through land, sea and air. (Ezekiel 38:8-17 & Daniel 11:40-41) The soviet army continues its advance and pass-through Israel till they come to Egypt and conquer the land, betraying the Arabs. It seems like the soviet army might invade Africa as well. (V. 42-43)

At that time, the Soviet army is detained by news of the mobilization of the northern army, the conglomerated army of the European nations led by the false prophet and the Ecclesiastic Roman Empire of the antichrist.

News also reaches the Soviets of a massive army coming from the East, China is on the move, and their vast army is heading for the middle east. (Daniel 11:44 & Revelation 16:12)

The Soviet army returns to Israel, leaving Egypt and prepares to meet the coming armies of the East and North. It is here at this time that the Soviet armies and their allies will be destroyed. (Daniel 11:45 & Ezekiel 38 y 39 & Joel 2:20)

All this will take a considerable amount of time, and in this same time frame the rest of the seals are opened.

The Third Seal is Opened

The third seal opening brings a world-wide economic collapse. The war of the nations which is caused by the opening of the second seal, causes a world-wide crisis of goods, food becomes scarce and what is available is costly.

The Fourth Seal is Opened

The opening of the fourth seal brings death to a fourth part of the world’s population. The enormity of such tragedy can barely be imagined. In the span of a few months, more than a Billion and a half of the people of the world die. Due to the war, (the “sword”), hunger, pestilence and epidemics, and (even) the beasts of the earth. (Revelation 6:7-8)

The Fifth Seal is Opened

The opening of the fifth seal brings a terrible persecution of the remaining believers upon the planet. The Roman Dictator and the Ecclesiastic empire unleash the slaughter of believers around the whole world. (Revelation 6:9-11 & 13:7) These evil leaders ingeniously use the economy (goods, buy and sell) to obtain absolute control of the people and to force them to war against the saints.

The mark of the beast is proof of fidelity to the empire, and the absence of such is a death sentence. The persecution which began in the first year, now reaches its greatest fury. (Mathews 24:9)

The Six Seal is Opened

The opening of the six seal begins with what all nations are afraid of… a nuclear war. Apparently, the war up to this point has been fought with conventional weapons, but the world leaders who see their cause as lost, launch a desperate attack. Ezekiel 39:6 says that fire will be launched against Magog, which is the Biblical name for Russia.

And “the isles” which in the elder days would refer to gentile civilizations of faraway lands. In our times it would be continents. An exchange of nuclear bombardments between the nations which possess such weapons. (Revelation 6:13)

“And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth,”

(The man who observe this did not have the mental capacity to describe with accuracy what he was seeing, but, if we were to see a bright thing descending upon the land and leaving a smoke column behind is as it descended, we would also think that the stars of the heavens are falling.)

And the multitude of missiles he describes as… “even as a fig tree casts her untimely figs when she is shaken of a mighty wind.” (V.13)

The Seventh Seal is Opened

When the seventh seal is opened there comes a great silence over the heavens, the Apostol says, for about a half hour, which in the place he was in, might have been days or weeks in the world. The seven trumpets which are released by the seventh seal are more severe judgements than the previous ones. God listens, to hear if mankind should repent, the judgements could be stopped, but eventually, in time, the Angels get ready to sound their trumpets. (Revelation 8:1-6)

The First Trumpet

The judgements of the trumpets are the unavoidable results of the nuclear war which has happened because of mankind’s rebellion. The explosion of the weapons utilized burn-up the third part of the world’s trees and these terrible weapons destroy the green grass. (Revelation 8:7)

The Second Trumpet

This judgement’s consequence is also the result of the weapons used in the on-going war, and by such terrible explosion the third part of the oceans become like blood, killing the animals therein, and the third part of the vessels in the oceans are destroyed. (Revelation 8:8-9)

The Third Trumpet

The Apostol John live in a time in mankind’s history when there were very few machines, if any, and his imagination and memory held no idea whatsoever of he was shown. They could not help him as he tried to describe what he saw. The only thing he could do was to try and describe what he saw according to his mental capacity. For him it was an immense star, for us, it is a hydrogen missile. We know that a nuclear war would expose the whole world to the radiation such weapons produce, this radiation fallout would make the waters undrinkable wherever they fell. (Revelation 8:10-11)

The fourth Trumpet

The fourth trumpet signals a catastrophe procreated by the explosion of multiples nuclear explosions. The scientists have warned that the immense clouds of debris produced by such weapons would rise to the earth’s atmosphere and would cause damage to the ozone layer of the planet.

We know that these explosions would never reach the Sun or the Moon, or cause them any damage, but the immense debris clouds produced by nuclear weapons could block the light coming down to earth from these life sustaining orbs.

The terror of those still alive on the planet is hard to imagine.

The fifth Trumpet

The mystery of the fifth trumpet is a little difficult to explain, and starting with the little understanding that the Apostol John have over our times, we might think that he saw… Helicopters? Another invention which we are still not familiar? Any which way, mankind will be tormented (by demons?) for five months, (as if what is going on is not enough) such will be the evil in this calamity, that mankind will seek death, but it will not be permitted for them to die.

In our times it is possible for such torment to be caused by chemical weapons which have yet, not been utilized.

It is a fact, that what does not come from God, comes from the devil. The Apostol John saw all these events from two different “angles”, the visible perception and the invisible perception. (It is not permitted for us, to see what for us, is the invisible world because our minds would not be able to cope with the visions. Mathews 28:4)

In the visible aspect, such evils had metal covers, and in the invisible aspect, these evils were demons who rose from the abyss.

Verily, that a star from the heavens cannot fall on this planet, but when we see a column of smoke and something shinny in front coming down from the sky, (which the Apostol thought it looked like a star) we can understand that the Apostol contemplated a missile, probably nuclear.

The Sixth Trumpet

With the sound of the sixth trumpet, the Communist Republic of China is unleashed in all its madness, (no conscious, no pity, no love). A madness which causes the death of one third of those who did not want to accept Jesus Christ as Savior, and are still alive on the planet. The number of such an army, (which John heard) can only be field by such nation, and in our times, we know that this is possible for such nation and only such nation. (Something which can only happen now…)

The madness of such people, who do not believe in God, or the destiny of hell, permit such multitude of people, such madness as the one described by the Apostol John. The use of the massive nuclear weapons this country has, causes one third one mankind living, to die.

And the multitude of such army, will not be stopped until they reach the valley of Armageddon, where God Himself will destroy them with the glory of His arrival.

The Apostol describes the nuclear missiles as “horses” because his understanding did not permit anything else, still, he says that their power was in their tails and in their heads. The tail of a missile has fire coming out of it, because its fuel is a burning substance, for him, it seems this is power. In what he did assert, is the fact that their power is in their heads, as we all know, it is the head of the missile which carries the nuclear weapon.

It is possible also, that the Apostol did not know which was its head and which was it tail.

What is really sad is the fact that even after so many calamities, the people still alive upon the earth cannot recognize, nor ask for clemency, from He who would have helped them, if they had asked.

Few are those people who are still alive after the sixth trumpet. (Isaiah 13:12 & 24:6)

And the magnitude of such destruction is described in… … Isaiah 13:13 & 51:6 & Amos 8:9 & Zephaniah 3:6 & Isaiah 24:17-21)

The seven Cups of the wrath of God

The wrath of God is in a chronological order and it grows with the rebellion of mankind who even after such calamities, will not repent from their sinful ways.

The difference between the seals, trumpets and cups, is that the cups of His wrath are poured over the whole of humanity who is alive during that period of time.

It is also true, that these cups of the wrath of God are a direct result of the great destruction caused by the chemical and nuclear weapons used by mankind, but this time, no one will be left without feeling the wrath of the God they rebelled against.

The First Cup

This cup permits malignant and pestilent ulcers over those who “had the mark of the beast and worshipped its image”. Such declaration indicates that there are yet people who have not surrendered to satanism, and that they have divine protection. In the natural, nuclear radiation is spreading throughout the whole planet, causing such ulcers in the human skin who is exposed to such radiation.

The Second and Third Cup

These two cups of the wrath of God, as the first one, are the result of the nuclear weapons, and the nuclear war is a result of mankind’s obstinate rebellion. The world-wide radiation destroys all life in the waters, (Oceans). The waters over the earth have no protection against this poisonous radiation. And the death of so many animals turn the waters of the world in what the Apostol thoughts as blood.

Certainly, the death of so many animals would contaminate the waters in the world, and when drinking such water, some of the blood of the animals would be ingested.

(Revelation 16:3-7)

The Fourth Cup

The scientists of our times have spent many years fighting with mankind over the need to keep the atmosphere of the earth free from contamination. And have warned that the use of nuclear weapons may cause ruptures in the ozone layers of the earth. In such manner, the validity of this writing and its purpose, to stimulate others in believing in Jesus Christ as the only hope for a world which is headed towards world-wide suicide.

The nuclear weapons utilized, cause ruptures in the earth’s ozone layers and the rays of the Sun pass through without the filtration of the ozone layer and the clouds who have also been destroyed. The un-filtered solar light burns those people caught unawares. (Revelation 16:8-9) Even then, people do not repent from their sinful life.

It must be noted, that these prophecies were written two thousand years ago when none of this was possible.

The Fifth Cup

This cup seems to bring a judgement which is not directly related to the nuclear war, instead it seems to be a direct divine punishment. A punishment so severe that those caught by this punishment bite their own tongue because of the excruciating pain they feel. (Revelation 16:10-11)

The Sixth Cup

This cup seems to point to the end of God’s patient for the rebellious mankind. This cup prepares the road for all those who rejected the Grace of God which would have saved them. The army of the Communist Republic of China has a clear road to their demise, same as all the rest of the armies of mankind. They are (maybe unknowingly) being gathered against a people, maybe thinking that these people are the cause of all the calamities.

The devil has always wanted to destroy the nation of Israel, and now, he thinks he can.

The devil sends some malignant spirits to every commander of the armies of the world, and convince them to come and destroy the nation that until then, has resisted the destruction which has enveloped the whole world. Israel.

Even when there can be a multitude of human ideas, the enemy has always wanted to destroy all of mankind. How does he convince all of the armies of the world to come to one single place?

It doesn’t matter. What is true is, that he knows what is about to happen in that time, very soon. The return of The Lord, and he wants to prepare the greatest army he can so that he can fight Him. (Foolish devil)

The Seventh Cup

The rebellious mankind, demonstrates their sinful nature in their desire to unite and destroy a people who until then have survived. This is the cause of an instantaneous judgement in the form of an earthquake so terrible there has never before been anything like it since mankind has been on the planet. (Revelation 16:18) And an enormous hale the size of a talent. (Heavy coin). (V.21)

There is a parenthesis made here, in the midst of the seventh cup, for God wants to do something, He needs to do, before He ends everything. The destruction of the city who has done so much evil in this world.

Condemnation and Destruction of The Great Whore

Revelation 17 &18

The culmination of the sad story of a mankind who has been rebellious since the very beginning when God could only save one man and his family. Noah, the only one who did not separate from God in the beginning of time. Till the end of mankind when they will gather to fight the One who has been so good to them. It is prophesied in Revelation 19:11-21.

Edited by: Daniel Hernandez-Davila

Created by: Ahmed Hernandez

For the glory of The All-mighty God, Jesus Christ, to whom be all glory, and honor, and who has redeemed us by His great love.

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