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The Image of The Invisible God

Mankind has always had a thirst, an un-quietness, an anxiety, a worry, that there must be something more than just… us. Many would say that at the beginning, mankind was ignorant, superstitious, weak, incompetent, etc. but even as understanding, knowledge, science has evolved and we have become more… intelligent? This has only aggravated the need for understanding, because mankind has never found evidence that there isn’t a God. On the contrary, science has only found a perfection that defies all logic.

The perfection mankind has found in it’s existence, science and pursuit of knowledge permits only a more positive promise of the fact that there is a… God. In all of the time mankind has lived upon this planet, it has never encountered another living species. Our over imaginative mind is not proof of anything. But the fact that science has looked emphatically at the cosmos and found among the thousands or millions of planets out there in the space beyond nothing even close to our perfect planet, should enlighten our belief in God.

It won’t matter how much science looks to the cosmos, nor how much our imagination can produce, or how frustrate we become when we find nothing… there is nothing else.

This creation, the creation of mankind, has a purpose and that purpose cannot be “perturbed” by anything else. It was created with a purpose, a great, marvelous, magnificent purpose, one which cannot be “derailed” by anything.

We may think there is something else, we may think there are other species somewhere out there in the cosmos, but that will not change what is true, and as our understanding grows, we should, for our benefit, give credence to the evidence that such perfection can only be created. Chance, circumstances, “evolution” … these are just creations of those who desire to destroy all that which is good. For it is good to have a Creator.

If there is a Creator, and He has made all the marvels we contemplate, and He has the power to keep His promises, then we were made for greatness and will one day live in an eternal kingdom with everlasting peace, love and joy.

Does that not sound better than the idea of an evolution that will never get any better? For no matter how much we evolve, history says that one day we will commit the ultimate suicide.

So where is the image of this All-Mighty God we have been talking about for thousands of years?

The All-Mighty God is not like men and woman, He is not like angels, He cannot be encased in a few words or a “good” understanding. God is unique, there is none other like Him. He is everywhere, in everything and He is always there, regardless of place or time.

God is the composition of all that which is good. He is life, He is joy, He is peace, He is happiness, God is eternity, and He shares all of this and more… un-selfishly… Meaning that since God is unending, eternal, un-limited, self-sufficient, life itself, God can share all of His goodness without expecting anything in return.

What God is… will never end…

God is in the deepest composition of our awareness, of our consciousness, He is there without changing anything, without interfering, without annoyance, without judgement. God is there because He is life and life is the best… of all of that which is good.

God’s existence is the greatest benefit of life.

When we look for Him, when we want to see Him, we don’t have to look far, because God is everywhere…


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