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The Great Bam!

There are many religions and beliefs among the people of this world. Many believe in a virgin (or many virgins) and people whom this religion first burned at the stake and then canonized. Telling their followers to pray to these dead people. It is, even in the circles of those who worship the devil, one of the darkest forms of witchcraft.

Prayer is speaking to God, and speaking is prayer. To speak to the dead, regardless of beliefs, is one of the worst sins man can commit. Punishable by death in the old law.

Others believe in a multitude of dead men, people who regardless of the good deeds they might have done while they live are… dead.

Worship is giving the best that we possess to whatever we believe is deserving of our praise. Some people around the world will even worship animals, or objects.

Worship is giving, to these, the best we possess. Our devotion, our dedication… our time. For when we pray, we are giving our time to that which we are praying to. Spending our time, our life; for that is what time is. It is the time we are gifted with. The short few years we are given upon this world.

It is a great shame and sin to worship that which was created… instead of He who is The Creator.

Regardless of how many words or how many times we speak of these things, this world, the people of this world will not change. The people are blind, most are indifferent, and many, many more are so busy with the things of this world that they will never stop to think about their… future. Future as in what will happen to them when their body dies.

There is something which is about to happen. It will happen soon. This event will drastically change the beliefs of the people upon this world. It will be something out of the ordinary. So out of the ordinary that it will dictate what will happen to the people of this world after such an event.

The un-belief of the people of this world will cease. There will be no doubts in their mind of the fact that there is a God, that there is an after-life and that they are about to… meet their Maker.

Many are those upon this world that have no knowledge of… The Bible… God… and Jesus Christ. They do not believe in the devil, hell, or the after-life. But that will change. It will change because of God’s mercy, for even the terrible events which will take place are a mercy for those who are ignorant of The Truth.

The voices which have been heard all around this planet have spoken repeatedly of Jesus, of the love of God for mankind, of the need of mankind to repent and change. Of their need to believe in Him who is the only salvation possible. For the wages of sin are death, but the grace of God is life eternal in Jesus Christ our savior.

“In the blink of an eye” Millions will disappear from the face of this planet. Millions will no longer be found. They will have left this life to live eternally with the Only All-powerful Eternal God.

When this event happens… remember… speak… declare… for those who have heard and remain un-believers will then have not even a shadow of a doubt that… there is a God and there is an after-life.

Speak… declare… shout… for the grace of God has once more found a means to save… you!

Though I do not envy you…


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