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The good and faithful servant

Interestingly enough, the words good and faithful when applied to servant, bring about a multitude of questions; and with those questions come the anxieties of who and how? What is good, how can one be faithful, how can a servant be anything but faithful and what does it mean to be a servant?

When Jesus was questioned and called a good teacher, He told this person that there was only One good one, and only He was good, so how can we be a good servant when only God is good? If God is the only one who is good, how can we be good?

Then we have the most anxious commandment of all, the be faithful commandment, which is an almost impossible task for us human Beings. We could start mentioning the extensive list of difficulties we encounter every time we step outside our home. The desires of a body that knows well how to do the opposite of that which is good.

And last but not least, the servant commandment. If we human beings have one trait which is most common among us, it is the fact that we are very bad at serving anyone. Our basic understanding concerning life is the fact that we are so centered in myself that we have very little inclination to please others. Most of our daily actions revolve around our needs… Who’s needs? mine, I, myself.

It is a small wonder that most of the people around the planet ignore, sidestep and even try to appease their conscious when it comes to things like this. “Sure…” You might say… “Turn the other cheek.” “Wait… what?” “Be good…” “But being bad is fun, and it’s so much easier than being good.”

“Who really cares about what a carpenter said two thousand years ago, and are we not in the age of technology?” “Just when Science is the best thing and comfort is easy to gain?”

“Just look around will you… The whole world is at peace, we live in the greatest country in the world. Things could not be better.”

And yet, no matter how hard we try to forget, ignore and overwhelm that miniature voice we call a conscious, it keeps insisting that all is not well in paradise. And that what the carpenter who lived two thousand years ago, said and did, might deserve more attention than what we have given it this far. Did He not change most of the world with His teachings? But… Why should we disturb our pleasant lifestyle with such a burdensome demand? Isn’t easier to ignore what this carpenter said and live and let live, as they say?

The problem with… Live and let live… has always been the same. Will there be a judgement day? Is there an All-might Creator who will one day demand an account of our actions throughout the time we were allowed upon this planet?

Is there really a heaven and a hell? And if so, how can we avoid hell and gain entrance into this heaven of The All-mighty Creator?

Therein lies the reason we must strive, fight, struggle and even battle to understand exactly what this word tells us, because if there is an All-mighty Creator and if there is a Heaven and Hell, we would be deathly foolish to ignore such warnings.


For further information: Thoughts of Life


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