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The enemy

One of the most lethal weapons in the vast arsenal of mankind’s enemy is his very astute manner of “camouflage”. As is the fact that unless we recognize that there is a problem, we will never solve it. It is so with this beast; he will make every effort to remain “incognito”.

Once we understand the problem we have, then we can proceed to remedy it, but until then we continue in difficulty.

Even to write about such an enemy is a hardship because he will fight anyone who tries to expose him.

Nonetheless, with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ we write, for if we can understand his machinations then we can follow our Lord’s footsteps with more consistency.

One of the greatest battles we Christian’s fight, is the battle we encounter daily in our… mind. It is the single most important battle we fight. It is here that our enemy wages battle constantly, from the moment we rise from sleep, the enemy is ready, he does not sleep, he does not tire and he is persistent. He has no other purpose; no other desire and his hate is only equal to his persistence.

If we can understand the battle of our mind, we have won the war, the enemy cannot hurt the Christian’s any other way.

The battle of the mind is very simple, good thoughts, bad thoughts, that is all there is, that is all we need to remember.

It is the fact that the enemy’s persistency is terrible, he will not cease, he will not stop, it is a continues battle. Every minute, of every day, of our waking life and even sometimes in our sleep.

To discern what is good thoughts and bad thoughts is not so difficult, what is difficult is to do so constantly. Sometimes, this battle can be fierce.

Bad thoughts are those that have their roots in things which cause damage, either to us or to others. Discerning these is not so easy, because sometimes these thoughts are camouflaged. They begin with what we think is good, but eventually or slowly, they turn to thoughts which can cause damage.

One we can recognize with ease is the one where we are “belittled” “aggravated” “hurt”, this can be physical or verbally, it may be a trial permitted or a creation of our enemy, it doesn’t matter. What matters is our response, for the enemy will “build a nest” on our heads if we let him.

The answer… Forgive and Forget. Period. Forgiveness must be honest and forgetting must be enforced, for it will not be ease, the enemy will see to that.

The battle of the mind was stated in The Word with such counsel as “if there be some virtue, some good, something worthy, in these things think.” That is not exactly as it is stated but close enough. The bottom line, as they say, is… If our mind is filled with “Light” then our whole being will be filled with “Light”.

There are various manners which we can utilize effectively to keep our minds “clean”. Number one is The Word. So very few Christians memorize Psalms something which is essentially important. How can we say we love God and can’t say a Psalms from memory? That it is hard to remember, that it requires an effort, that I don’t have the time to work on this… is not a valid excuse…

Second is music, the right music, not rock Christian or anything like that, but the kind that “speaks to the spirit”… yes, our spirit. (See book: The Efficient teach for the Spiritual Growth of The Christian) (Website:


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