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The Driver's Seat

There are many desires in this life and as we grow there are people around us who try to guide us in the right direction in the path of life. They are there for such purpose, or at least that is what is intended. These people, regardless of their best wishes, are limited in their effort for our betterment by their perception of what is best for us. As we grow, most of the time we seek by ourselves what we think is best for us. It is the way of this life.

All human beings go through stages in life, for example the stage of childhood, where we are limited to doing what a child can and cannot do. Then we arrive slowly to the stage of youth and as everyone knows, it is the most troubling stage in life.

This stage in life is very troubling because of various factors; we are burden by certain body changes, our personal perception of ourselves comes into full spectrum, meaning we are “full of ourselves” as they say, and to compound an already difficult stage, we believe we know everything and will not change our perceptions because of other people’s counsels. (It includes our parents, especially our parents. What do they know about our difficulties?)

In the third stage of life, we are suddenly thrown into “responsibilities”, and what a shock to our perception of life that is. Suddenly, responsibility becomes enemy number one, and what makes this change in life so troublesome is the fact that we cannot avoid this… responsibility.

There is a fourth stage, but this one we arrive at gradually and usually, it is not a difficult stage, that is, for most people, some never come out of the childhood stage.

For six thousand years, this has been the life of all human beings upon this planet, it has never been different. There have been different difficulties through mankind’s history but little has change, if anything.

There has been only one difference in all human beings throughout the history of mankind, those who have been blessed and those who have not been blessed.

Most people have never understood their blessings and ignorantly live throughout their life, struggling with everything this life can throw in our path, but those who have understood, and recognize the blessings and from where these blessings come, have been able to live a “good life”. Good as in understanding that there is a purpose for being here and that one day, that purpose will be fulfilled.

It will not matter how much we are blessed by God, nor how much He reveals of Himself to us, we will never see the end of Him or His blessings. It is a relationship that grows deeper, stronger and more personal as the days go by. Each revelation we receive from God has that purpose. Our blessing.

The problem Christians encounter is the title of this short essay. “The Driver’s Seat” is always occupied, and hard to relinquish, difficult to give up, especially since we have been in that seat most of our lives.

Nonetheless, it is a commandment given over and over throughout the word of God. Such command as; “deny thyself”, “Them that are led by The Spirit of God,” “Thou cannot have two masters” are a few, because if you are master of your life then, there is already a master and since The Lord is a gentleman, He cannot violate our decision.

The driver’s seat must be relinquished by us, we must let The Lord “drive” our lives so that He can get us in to His Kingdom. We, by ourselves will never find the entrance.


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