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The Deadliest Trap

Many are the spider’s webs set around mankind’s lives ready to trap every “insect” that foolishly comes into its sticky substance. It was this kind of “web” which caught Eve, the first woman and brought all of mankind down into disobedience. She should not have been in a place where there was something that would endanger her wellbeing. She had been told, but she did not listen.

This kind of trap has been utilized effectively throughout mankind’s history, for the enemy learns quickly and does not forget… ever. He is relentless in his desire to destroy everything God has created… he hates God and everything that belongs to Him.

Another one of the enemy’s advantages is that he does not tire, does not sleep, and has amble time to wait patiently for the insect to fall into one of his webs.

It is also true that because of our sins, he is able to infiltrate our minds with thoughts, mind darts which have one purpose, our demise. He desires nothing else, not even from those who believe to be his servants.

In the time of Eve, the first woman, he was not able to infiltrate her mind, he had to speak audibly to her, but later on we hear of Cain and by his actions we can discern that the enemy spoke into his mind. Instigating Cain to kill his brother through evil mental darts.

All good things come from God and nothing else but good. All evil thoughts come from the enemy and nothing else.

By this reasoning we should be able to understand, know and discern when we are being attacked by the enemy. It is he who seeds all thoughts which have the desire to destroy, to hurt, to bring about our demise or the demise of others through our actions.

It is the deadliest of traps and one which we have never understood entirely because we have always ignored the enemy’s existence. It is very easy for the enemy to manipulate those who know nothing of him and those who do not believe in God are easy prey for his manipulations. First because these people have no protection and second because they ignore his attacks.

One of the greatest ignorance which has now engulfed most of mankind and is one of the most terrible acts that bring judgement over mankind is these darts which begin in mankind’s early years. So ignorant are we that mankind has convinced itself that this sin is something natural.

Nonetheless, the enemy has infiltrated the minds of the children of this last generation with terrible efficiency. Thoughts such as… “How beautiful that other man is.” “My girlfriend has such a beautiful mouth; I wonder what it would feel like?” “I know I am a girl but I would like to touch my girlfriend.” “I am a boy but I like other boys.”

Many are the thoughts like those which begin at an early age of the present generation. These children have not been taught, their parents have no time nor inclination for teaching their children about what is right, what is wrong and the reason why we must do what is righteous.

A child, regardless of evil teachings which are brought about by the enemy’s desire for mankind’s destruction are born without any knowledge. Are they born knowing how to read? Are they born knowing how to reason? No and NO… Children are born without knowledge!

It is a parent’s responsibility to teach them who they are! And it is they who WILL have to answer for their irresponsibility! A parent might appease his conscious and say that his children were born that way but God will not be deceived! And His judgement will be poured out unto those children we did not have the time or inclination to teach…


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