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The Comfort Zone...

When the body begins to grow old, it starts to ache and get stiff, taking longer to warm up, to get going. It happens at different stages in life and there are those who experience this getting old at different ages in life.

Much of it has to do with the lifestyle, some people will postpone the getting old through exercise, eating properly and getting good rest, but eventually we can’t stop the inevitable.

It has become a custom of ours to “take it easy” sometimes too easy, and this brings along the getting old faster than normal. We are by nature, a people of habits, and when we find a habit that serves our interest well, we get into a “comfort zone” which is hard to get out of.

Most people have a “comfort zone”, one that they guard jealously and will “bark” at those who either trespass or break their comfort zone.

We can see this in children. The comfort zone begins at an early age and when other children trespass on this comfort zone, the child will get angry, or fearful. As “grown” ups, we are no different.

It is something that is birthed through our understanding in life, and as we grow, as we travel through life, we build this comfort zone around us in order to find peace. Some have called it, “our safe zone.”

This “comfort zone” is experience by all people regardless of where they were birthed. In some cultures, the comfort zone has been violated so many times that a comfort zone does not exist in these people. In other cultures, it is guarded so jealously that those who do not understand these people’s comfort zone, will get into all sorts of troubles because they violate the comfort zone of the people they are visiting.

Our comfort zone is one of the greatest obstacles when we speak to others of salvation, because in order for them to be saved, they will have to abandon their… “comfort zone.”

It is to abandon a whole set of thought processes, and carefully life-built constructs which govern the life of just about every person upon this planet. To abandon a life-long understanding of… who they are and why they are here. To change just about everything they have been believing for most of their lives. To accept that up to that moment in their life, they have been living a lie. That everything they were taught, everything they thought as good… is in truth… not good at all. That the purpose which has governed their life until that moment is… bogus.

No… it is not easy to abandon our comfort zone… but… it is the price require when we desire to spend eternity with The Only True God, Jesus Christ, our Lord.


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