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That Little Grain of Sand!

It is a gran purpose, a marvelous purpose, a mind-boggling purpose, something which could only be conceived by an all-powerful mind. The desire to share eternity with others, to share life with others, to share the most beautiful of someone who is the most beautiful.

It was a design unimaginable by any other than He who desired it, an odyssey which would require the direct intervention of the only one who could make it possible, and it was accomplished without the help of any other.

A gift of such magnitude, it would have to be given freely, for it could not be bought or gained.

Nonetheless, this great, eternal gift would require something, because it could not be bought or gained, still, it would require something from those who wanted to share such a blessing. It would require a couple of small grains of sand. Just a couple of small grains of sand.

The first grain of sand is called acceptance.

The second grain of sand is called persistence.

The Immutable Grace of God.

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