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Isolated and hidden away from the presence of… God.

The mind (some people have stated) is a marvelous thing. Just about everyone agrees. It is such a marvel that the scientific community has not been able (nor will be able) to duplicate such a processer? It was such a creation that it required divine intervention. Regardless of what some believe, it is unique and we will not be able to “create” another one.

It is given at birth and it is given by He who can share such a wonderous thing. Something called…


This is the one thing the people of science will never be able to create, for awareness is given, not created.

The mind granted to mankind was of such importance that the creator Himself said that if we were able to keep the mind “clean” we would be able to be clean entirely. This is what Jesus said when He stated that the eye, the hearing, the speaking, and the heart were key, but as we should understand, these are just senses and organs of the body we utilize, it is the mind which is… aware.

Hearing, seeing, and speaking are useless unless there is an understanding and understanding can only be accomplished… by the mind.

The Lord says listen… (Mathews 13:9 & 13:5 &13:17 &13:9 & 17:5 &18:16) (John 6:60 & 8:47 & 11:41 & 12:47)

The Lord says see… (Mathews 5:29 & 6:22 & 7:3 & 13:15 & 20:33) (Mark 8:18)

The Lord says speak… (Mathews 5:37 & 12:34 & 26:73)

The Lord says the heart… (Mathews 5:8 & 6:21 & 12:34-35 & 13:9 & 15:8 & 15:19 & 19:8 & 22:37)

All of these senses and organs of the body cannot do anything… unless… the mind understands and comes to a conclusion.

Even when someone speaks foolishly, the person is still accessing his memories and conclusions.

“Whatever the mind has seen.”

“Whatever the mind has been instructed.”

“Whatever the mind has suffered.”

Is what that person will become.

There is one more factor which has a very decisive input in every person’s life and even when we know little about it, even when it has little impact on our immediate life and even when we choose to ignore it, there is a spiritual world which is constantly altering our perception… our understanding… our mind.

There is the good side of the spiritual world and there is the bad side of the spiritual world. The good side can be defined as… life beneficial… and the bad side is defined by… life ending.

Both are always talking to… our mind.

It is something most of mankind is not aware of, that is, unless we have been granted such revelation. Even when this is true and we cannot avoid this, we, every person, has the ability to decide over what comes into the mind.

There are some factors which mankind is unaware of. The blessing and the curse.

Both of these are important because the blessing is generational, as is the curse, meaning that the blessing is passed from parents to children, as is the curse. Why is this so important? Because since both of these can speak into our mind, it is important that the beneficial voice have greater access to our mind. (It would be better if the beneficial voice has the ONLY access.)

In our “modern” days, we can easily see this in the people who suffer from maladies of the mind. Things like schizophrenia, bipolar and all other maladies of the mind are just voices which that person hears. They will confess to “the voices in their mind” is asked and most of those who have committed crimes will blame it on “the voices in their heads.”

Most of mankind is protected from the bad voices to a certain degree, until He who stand in the way is taken out of the way. (II Thessalonians 2:7) It is also true that memorizing the Word of God and letting it “run” through our mind is useful when bad thoughts oppress the mind. Prayer is best and it has other benefits. Asking “the good voice” for help is always… good.

The enemy of mankind knows more about this… mind game, than we ever could and he has been doing… bad… for many, many years. He has induced the people to… take The Word of the schools, he has built many contraptions to “occupy” the mind and he has convinced most of the people in the world that he does not exist. It is not that we must learn of him, but that we should understand, we are at war and even a small mistake can be costly.

There is a story of a soldier who was anxiously looking at his wristwatch while his comrade laid wounded in the field beyond. His Sargent told him to go out there and retrieve his wounded fellow soldier, while observing the anxious soldier look at his watch. After a few more minutes, the soldier went out to the field riddle with gunfire and retrieved his fellow soldier without getting hurt. The Sargent was amazed and asked. “Why did you wait until then? The soldier answered, “because I know that my grandmother prays for me from 1pm to 2pm.”

These are just a few, but we are going to speak about… sequestered.

The human mind is very limited, it can (in most people) contemplate only one thought at a time and if such thoughts are captivating enough, it will absorb all our attention.

Hence forth… the television. The most malevolent contraption he has developed. (Malevolent as in… life ending.)

If the mind is occupied enough, there is no “room” for any other thoughts. (As in good). The good voice is incapable of voicing its desire if the mind is incapable of receiving. The enemy knows this very well.

The church of Jesus Christ has been… crippled.

The old people, who use to be the “backbone” of the church of Jesus Christ are no longer doing what they did in years past. Their minds are now sequestered by… the television.

Does it matter that they are watching something… Christian? Does it matter that they are still Christians? Does it matter that they are getting “frozen food”? Does it matter if they are being… “edified”? Their minds are nonetheless… sequestered.

Because… because… because… Their minds, their thoughts are no longer accessible to… the good voice.

The “good voice” has established that there is ONLY one mediator and it is not the television. He does not want us to talk to Him through the television and He most certainly wants us to…


The older people, the older Christians, who use to be the warriors of prayer are now chained, enslaved… they now have a “new” god, an idol, images they worship and it doesn’t matter who’s image it is. Television works through… images.

Devotion… dedication… worship, requires time in the presence of The Only True God…

Not the television.


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