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Many of us Christians, after the new birth and the realization of the Grace of God upon our lives, want earnestly to follow the Master’s footsteps. Our thoughts turn to how can I preach like Jesus? I want to love like He loved. I would like to teach like He taught. How wonderful it would be if I could be like Him.

It is not wrong, it is something to strive for, to yearn for. He IS the one and ONLY we must imitate, the one we must follow, as closely as our faith will permit.

So… we should understand the greatest power which Jesus Christ possessed. It wasn’t even the manner in which He taught, nor the fact that all who touched Him would heal. Some might think that His obedience was the key, but these and any other power Jesus Christ possessed came from the same place… from the same source… from the same… Being.

Therefore, Jesus Christ’s greatest ability was the manner in which He was able to… stay connected… the manner in which He was able to… pray.

If we understood this, we would be as close to The Truth as we could ever come.

I will repeat this once more, it is our friendship, our closeness, our relationship, our UNION with He who is the greatest of the great which brings along ALL of these other things, abilities, blessings, etc.


As this new information seeps into our thoughts, we contemplate the fact that… we could never pray like Jesus did.

He was… powerful, He was perfect, He was able to pray the night away…He was God’s anointed… well… you should understand and through faith accept the fact that… so are you.

Here is another bit of The Grace of God for you.

“Do not err, my beloved brethren…

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from The Father of Lights…”

(James 1:17)

Even when this little piece of GREAT information is hidden in one of the smallest books of The Bible, it is nonetheless, one of the greatest pieces of Godly information The Holy Spirit might show you… or me.

For some, there is no need to say anything further, still, for those of us who need a little more…

Prayer can give birth to… more prayer, yes and more importantly, we can ask for it, yes, we can ask He who gives ALL good things for… more praying strength. Eventually, we can obtain the greatest ability Christ possessed… the ability to pray all night, the ability to pray the night away.


We can ask for praying power, we can ask for beautiful words to say to The Lord, we can ask for staying strength, we can ask for the peace of God, we can ask for our minds to come under The Holy Spirit’s authority, we can even ask for something that will move God’s heart.

How wonderful is this, how powerful is this knowledge. It is a great blessing that God can and will give us what we require in order to come close to Him. He will gift us with anything and everything which brings us closer to Him. Words, love, peace, authority, strength, knowledge and anything else we need. If we ask… if we pray.

We should understand as a starting point, it was never us who found Jesus, please understand, it was Jesus who found us, even more, it was He who “procreated” the need in us. The one who placed us in “the belly of the fish”, the one who makes us “crave” for His presence in our lives…

All good things, all good gifts come from above, everything which is good is “birthed” by Him, Jesus, The Lord our God.

That “good” thought, that “good” feeling, that turning point in our lives, that desire, that resolve, that hunger, that thirst, that… That was Him, that was Jesus, that was God. That desire to bless Him, that need to follow Him, that desire for salvation, that striving to be faithful, that need to be in a temple, that desire to fellowship, that hope to one day be in His kingdom, that… That is Him, that is Jesus, that is God.

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13) (2:15?)

“Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you.”

(James 4:8) Nigh=close

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you:”

(Matthew 7:7-11)

“The things which are impossible with men (and women) are possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)

Because for God all things are possible, even the salvation of someone like me…

We need to admit, confess and speak to God about the fact that we cannot even come close to Him… without Him. It is essential to our salvation. He is not only the Author of our salvation, He is also The Father of our salvation and as the best of all fathers, he cares for that which He has birthed… us.

If we Christians want to be a good imitation of our Master, Jesus Christ, we must learn from Him. What must we learn from Him? We must learn to pray as He prayed and for this to be accomplished, we are going to need help. The help of our Father.

Jesus Christ was surrounded by multitudes in most of His days of ministry, but He never forgot what was important. He, (regardless of what others might say) depended on The Living Waters, just like all those who followed after Him depend upon The Living Waters. He was the perfect example of what a Christian life was all about.

These waters come from only one source, as Jesus Christ said, apart from Me you can do nothing and unless you remain in Me, you can do nothing. Because…

It is our union with the All-Mighty God which does anything and everything that may happen while we remain in that union.

There is certain danger which must be spoken of. It is essential that we do not forget ever, that our friendship is due to love, mostly His love. We should always remember that friends do not make demands based upon such friendship. Will things happen? There is no way to walk with The lord without anything happening, but then, it is He who causes such thing… we… are just walking along.

Another MOST important something we MUST remember. When the time comes, when we are pressed, when the occasion is brought unto our attention…

It is God’s glory, it is all His glory, He has done this, He has caused this.

Do not forget…

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