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When a person falls into this thing we call, quicksand he or she is in deep trouble, because this substance will drag the person under where it is impossible to breathe; and it is such a dense, sticky, watery substance, that the person cannot get out of it unless someone else helps that person.

It seems to me that this a good analogy of the life of most of the people on this earth. Regardless of where we find ourselves on this planet, life is like quicksand. It grabs the person, surrounds such person with its demands and drags the person into its murky depths.

From early childhood, when we are demanded to learn the ways of the life of our culture, to the later years in which we are completely subjected to demeaning demands made upon us, we are ever sinking deeper into life’s

murky waters.

As mankind has developed in its capitalist, socialist, communistic manner, scientific knowledge and advances, it has sunk ever deeper into such demands as these things procreate. For every action has a counter-action, it is a law which cannot be annulled.

“The American dream”, for example, is nothing more than a form of slavery in which such person or persons will devote their entire lives to this endeavor.

In our “modern” world we might have changed masters, but we are still slaves. A slave is someone who must do whatever his master tells him to do, because otherwise he will suffer at the hands of his master.

Now if you don’t believe you are a slave, stop paying your energy bill and watch how one of your masters pulls out his whip and slashes your life with it. Or maybe you should try your mortgage? Your cars payments?

We have been “brainwashed” from early childhood, guided and ushered towards a lifestyle which permits nothing else but what the established masters demand.

A simple “you need this” and “you can’t live without this” and “how can you live like that?” And there is an unending demand for something new. Oh yes… a new phone, a new system, a new car, and a new something every year. It keeps the established masters in command and it keeps you enslaved.

Our comfortable lifestyle has dire consequences, unavoidable demands, for every action has a counter-action. Our entire lives are spent as slaves to our comfortability.

Mankind has arrived at a time in which we cannot even have a family, for this would require us to change our lifestyle, from a slavery for our comfort to the slavery for the comfort of others.

More important than any of those statements made previously, is the fact that all of mankind has fallen into this quicksand, yes, even those whom are said to be following the footsteps of the real Master.

Could we call that… apostasy?

The Immutable Grace of God

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