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“Why do I keep stumbling unto you, old man? “It seems like you are the only one solid around here” “I keep seeing others but they just don’t stay, they vanish eventually. Is there any solid person in this awful place? And why is it so hot?

“I told you before. It is hot here because if it was comfortable here, you wouldn’t want to go home.”

“Home?” “I been drifting in this arid, desolated land for so long, I can’t remember where home is!”

“I pointed the way last time, but you always go the wrong way.”

"Are you the only solid person in this God forgotten place?"

"No... there are others."

"Bah! Just leave me alone, old man..."

He walks away thinking and talking to himself. Why am I here? What is my purpose? I can’t seem to find a reason for being here. This place is so confusing. One minute there are all sorts of people around me and then I find myself alone again.

I remember my parents, they were the best, always there for me, but I had to find my own way. I told myself. And Idealia, what a beautiful woman she was. I should have stayed with her. Why did I have to leave? I can’t seem to stay in one place. What is wrong with me?

This land is so big, and one sand dune looks just the same as the next. How long have I been wandering around? That Sun is so confounded hot! I can’t even think straight.

Ah… I remember Daniel and Jim, they were solid for a while, but they were always talking nonsense, I could never understand their gibberish. Something about a carpenter and his cross. Something they said would change my life, but I did want to pay attention to that nonsense either.

Why am I here? What’s the purpose? I could never make sense of this… life?

There he is again; this old man will not let me be…

What now, old man? Don’t you have somewhere to go? Are you following me?

“I just thoughts I should warn you, there is a big storm brewing straight ahead of your path. You better turn around or you might not come out of that sandstorm…”

“What do you know, you’re always telling me things, like that big hole I fell into last time. Yea… you told me, but I didn’t listen. Well… I’ll tell you again, I am not listening to you. So go away.”

He walks away once more, and as he looks ahead; dark clouds begin to move towards him.

Great… just what I needed, more trouble. That old man is always right.

The storm gathers around him, threatening to choke him to death. It becomes hard to breathe and he feels himself dying.

“Help!” “Help!” He screams into the air. “I am choking, please help me…” The storm intensifies, battering him relentlessly. The air becomes hotter and the sand cuts into his skin. “Help!” Help!” He screams once more.

“Please help me… old man!” He screams desperately.

Suddenly, he sees with bleary eyes someone walking towards him. He can’t make out the image until the man is right next to him.

“Old man?” He manages to croak. “Why are you here?”

“You called for help, didn’t you?”

“I am dying old man; can you help me?

The old man lifts him unto his arms and carries him away. “He is so strong for an old man…” He thinks as he drifts into unconsciousness.

He wakes up and as he regains consciousness, he is amazed of the comfort he finds himself in, such peace as he has not felt in a long time.

“Where am I old man?” He asks the old man sitting next to him.

“You are now in My home.” The old man answers.

“Well… finally. I am staying here old man. I am never leaving.” He says resolutely.

“You can’t stay.” The old man says with sorrow.

“What do you mean, I can’t stay! I have been wandering around in that God forgotten place for so long… and I don’t want to go back there again.” The man says despairing.

“You must go back.” The old man’s sorrow is palpable.

“Why do I have to go back? Why would you send me back to that awful place?” He pleads desperately.

“Because, My son, there are others like you in that God forgotten place, and they need you to show them the way here.”

“What would I tell them? I don’t know where this place is, I don't know where your home is? He pleads once again.

“Tell them the story Daniel and Jim told you long ago. Tell them the story of the Carpenter and His cross…”

After some time the man walks out into the desert once more, but now, the desert isn’t as confusing or as threatening as before.

“I have a purpose now. I now know what life is about…”


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