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It is a great word, a powerful word and the best manner in which to describe our present day “lifestyle”. If permeates the whole of civilization, and even those who govern the nations suffer from this… procrastination.

The action of delaying or postponing something…”

How well it defines our lifestyle, and how eager we are to continue in this procrastination, for it makes our lives… easy. This malady is found even in the Christian circles and mankind utilizes it constantly when they hear of their need to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

We are sadly mistaken when we think that we can postpone or delay the inevitable…

It was written thousands of years ago, and to this date, it has not failed in its predictions. The Word will not fail in all of its prophecies, they will all come to fulfillment.

The one prophecy which should concern us and worry us and keep us in constant anxiousness is the one that says that one day… we will be judged.

We Christians have “romanticized” The Word; we have “fanaticized” over The Word, we have tried to “sweeten” it and make it pleasing but that will not change the Word.

The bare truth is that there are ONLY two roads. We might say that this is unfair, that it is ridiculous, that we don’t believe this, that God is not just, that if we have to chose between two alternatives, then there is no choice… and… if we were wise… we would understand that truth… there is no choice.

Only a foolish person would ignore such dire circumstances, for we live in dire circumstances… yes. To ignore, to procrastinate, in such circumstance is a foolish decision.

Do we know everything, do we understand everything, should we bash our heads against the stone? Denial, procrastination, atheism, will not change the fact. We don’t know everything and certainly, we don’t understand everything… but this we know… there are ONLY two roads… one leads to heaven and the other… leads to hell.

Everything that is good comes from God, everything that is beautiful, worthy, wonderful… life comes from God. If there is no God, there can only be hell.

Procrastination… no… don’t procrastinate.


The Immutable Grace of God

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