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The magnificent creation can only be described as… divine. As the scientist look out at the star and the infinite universe, they have come to the conclusion that this planet is… unique, and life upon it, is therefore unique.

Mankind was created with such perfection, that it has marveled those who study the anatomy of people since the beginning of such study. From all of the senses possessed by the human body, to the emotions of the soul, to the amazing thought process of the mind. An awareness that makes mankind unique, for no other animal upon the planet has EVER had an awareness of life.

It was a master creation of such magnitude that it cannot be replicated by any other and it won’t matter how much science develops nor how much others might try, none can bring a consciousness to life, for it is something divine.

When the first man was made, he was made perfect, with great abilities, abilities we have lost over time because of our sinful lifestyle. But mankind was made to last forever, the first man and woman were made immortal. Beautiful, graceful, intelligent. Not what we consider as intelligent but with the natural understanding of what life is all about.

We have lost such understanding and in our modern days… we know little about living, about what life is, about the joy of being alive. The immense joy the awareness of being alive brings.

We indulge in many momentary short live pleasures, and try to compensate an otherwise lifeless existence with these… but the joy of being alive comes from an inner peace that has nothing to do with momentary thrills.

It comes from an inner peace most of humanity does not have, for they lack the knowledge of life and their motives are rooted in their desire for momentary pleasures, small thrills and selfish desires to possess things they can never hold onto, but above all… mankind has always wanted to avoid… death… because… at some time in mankind’s history, this beautiful creation was… poisoned! And because of this, death came into existence.

This poison has contaminated everything, including the life given at the beginning of creation.


Continues in Much More Beautiful…

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