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From early childhood, mankind is subject to different kinds of difficulties. From our years of childhood, we have seen these, some children are what we call good and some are not so good. Rowdy, jumpy, troublesome, mischievous, etc. Other are quiet, peaceful, watchful, well-mannered, etc.

As parents, we do the best we can at guiding them in the righteous way, trying to teach them about life, the good thing, and the bad. Sometimes as parents we make mistakes with our children, we speak to them seldom, (little). We teach them things we shouldn’t, we give them too much freedom, we don’t punish them, we permit things we should not, etc.

As we all know, we “pick-up” bad habits and good habits as we go, things which usually stay with us throughout life. The good habits are not troublesome, but the bad habits can cause many, if not all of the troubles we later suffer in life.

They are like parasites. Parasites are tiny “bugs” that attach themselves to lifeforms, such as human beings. They “feed” off the life of these, and sometimes these parasites grow and become life threatening to whatever life form they have attached themselves to.

These parasites can only attach themselves if the lifeform did something it wasn’t supposed to do, for example, a child that plays with dirt, may put his hands into his mouth and the parasites in the dirt of his hands will find a way into the child’s system. Later, this child might develop worms in his stomach because of this.

The problem with parasites is that they can be life threatening, meaning that if they remain unmolested, they can kill the host, the person, etc. Parasites must be removed as soon as they are discovered, and there are certain methods for each different kind of parasite.

It is the same with the bad habits we attain, gain, participate, invite into our lives. The reasons vary and are many, sometimes unavoidable, but bad habits left unmolested, can sometimes be life threatening. We certainly make an incredible amount of mistakes throughout life, mostly because of our ignorance, but regardless of this, we must seek a remedy for our “parasites”.

The kind of parasites which we speak of cannot be treated in the usual manner, these parasites are bonded to our souls and are sucking away at our salvation. Dark shadows which show their faces when they are deprived of their sinful ways. For example, when we are denied our lustful desires, the shadows express themselves in a wrathful manner. We get angry. It is a clear sign of a parasite, or a shadow. Something which must be eradicated.

There is only one manner of getting rid of these parasites, these shadows. Only the brilliant light of The All-Mighty God can burn away these parasites, these shadows. Time spent in the presence of The Lord will burn away the shadows that live in us, only His light can free us from these parasites.

It is the single reason why even after we have been “born again”, even after we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we still find that there is wrath in our life, annoyance, lustful desires, difficulties in situations, and many other shadows that remain within us.

When through our Lord’s sacrifice we obtain forgiveness for our sins, this does not remove all those bad habits we accumulated through those long years of sin. Some parasites are harder to remove than other. Some shadows linger.

The sacrifice of Jesus Christ makes us a repented sinner, but it is the guidance of The Holy Ghost which completes the work which began at the cross.

The blessing of The Holy Ghost is that He illuminates those dark shadows in our lives, parasites which He knows must be removed. He illuminates those shadows but He will not violate our decisions. We are called to obedience.


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