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Our most valuable possession

It is a fact in our lives that every father desires that his children be the best they can be in life. Therefore, we will boost up our children’s ego and tell then constantly how beautiful they are, how smart, how good they are. It is only natural.

Our children grow up believing this, eventually they go out into the world and find that… well… maybe my father, mother… weren’t exactly right.

I am sort of handsome, and there is some intelligence in me, but I am not all that good. Life is hard and I stumble more than I am able to move forwards.

The problem stems from the root thought implanted by our parents at the onset of our childhood. You see, it is not how beautiful I am, or how smart, and certainly there is no goodness in me. There is something missing, something I was not told when I was growing up.

The most important information which every person needs to understand is the fact that… there is a God. Just this little, but most important piece of information changes our perspective completely, and the need to understand, if just a little of such truth, will build the strongest mind in all human beings.

For how is this possible? What is a God? Where is this God? What does He do? What does He want? And the questions just pile up, bringing a struggle in our human mind, a struggle which forces our little pee brain to grow and expand in order to be able to understand such wonderous information.

That is just the beginning, and even when there have been those who have been misled into the wrong side of this truth, there are many more who have benefit from this information. Most of that which is good in this life, has been built on the belief of a God.

For example, and according to many, the nation of the United States of America, was built on the belief that there is a God and that He made us all equal. According to most, this is the greatest nation in the world. (Let’s see those who do not believe in God, talk trash about our nation) It rose out of a need to be free to worship the Only True God. It became great, (And let’s not forget this) because God made it great. And God made this a great nation, because most of those who “immigrated” here believe in Him.

Why believe that we came from an “ameba” when we can believe that a Great All-might God made us? The reason is simple, because if we believe that we were made by an All-might God, then we have to recognize Him and if we recognize Him… Oh wow… There are a lot of people who are going to be in trouble…

Yet… there is no need to be troubled and we are only troubled because we don’t know God. Here, let me tell you something, something all important.

Let’s bring this short writing to a conclusion before you get bored and stop reading.

The most precious possession we have and the one that will solve all our problems is… time.

Many think that their most valuable possession is their money, their house, their family even, but we would not have any of these if we didn’t have… time. For life is just a short time we have been granted.

What is going to make this God of ours happy?

God is very much like we are. What makes a parent happy? Well, a parent is happy when he is surrounded by his family, his children. (Most parents. Remember those who are in a nursing home, please.) God is the same as we are in this respect, He is happy when His children are with Him. But how are we to be with a God who is somewhere we can’t not go? And how are we going to give Him the best we have?

This is where we know very little of our God, for we must understand and accept that God is not like us in this respect, God is everywhere. He is in the air you breathe, the sky you contemplate, and yes… He is even in the thoughts of your mind.

This is where we are with Him in every moment of that which is the most precious possession we have. And as He said Himself, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Mat. 6:22)


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