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Only that which is Holy...

It has always been a problem! Probably one of the greatest problems we have encountered! The fact that we are so prone, eager and just foolish enough to get into every ditch, hole and hit upon every rock along the path of our lives.

Maybe it has to do with human nature, this flesh which is such a burden, always desiring things that are not good for us. Or it may be the seductive enticements this world has to offer, its many fun stuff, adventures and thrills. It may be those around us that keep getting us into trouble because they are trouble. It could be the enemy we know so little about.

Regardless of what it is that keeps us committing sins, doing what God has told us not to do, it is a real problem.

Now, we are always taking about John 3:16, for God so loved the world, the whole world, and we stay in the love theme, over and over we repeat the God love and believe that love is all, love is the answer, but we forget the reason… the reason!

Why did God give His only begotten Son? Why did Jesus Christ have to suffer the martyrium at the cross? Was it because God love the world or was it because the world needed something, something that could not be changed, something that had to be, something that had to happen?

God is Holy and Holy is God. It is this issue which will one day decide where we spend eternity. No other issue. Yes, God loves the world, yes God loves mankind, He created mankind, He sustains mankind, He is the reason we are here, He is the good stuff in all of mankind, but… but… God cannot change… God cannot be changed… God cannot be anything else, but Holy.

The color white cannot be mixed with any other color, for if it is lightly stained with any other color… it is no longer white.

It is the same with God, and it is the main reason Jesus Christ went to the cross and suffered the martyrium. The terrible suffering at the hands of evil creatures… because… because… because… because we need to be holy if we are going to live in God’s kingdom.

Can we be holy? Isn’t holy something which is beyond our meager abilities? Isn’t holy something accomplished through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice?

When Jesus Christ found us and called us… we had to open the door for Him. He did everything… except… force us, we had to accept His offer.

It is the same with holiness.

Even when it is a grain of sand in a huge beach, we have to place that little grain of sand in it, otherwise, the gift is void.

It is written in His Word. Over and over, it is written in The Bible, God’s Word.

How do we, in the middle of such temptations, confusion, weakness and ignorance become holy? Is there a simple solution? It is simple, but for us… it is hard. Why?

Because it will it require sacrifice…

Because not to lie to ourselves… will be a sacrifice, because for us to stay the course… will be a sacrifice, because for us to keep away from those things which by nature are easy for us to do… will be a sacrifice, because for us to have a different “life style” than the rest of the world… will require a sacrifice.

“This I say therefore, and testify in The Lord, that ye henceforth walk (life style) not as the other “gentiles” (not godly) walk…” (Ephesians 4:17)

Many accept the gift of salvation but never un-wrap it, others un-wrap the gift of salvation but never give it any use.

The path to perfection is possible because for God all things are possible, what must be under-stood is the necessity for us to start like a little child. A baby does not start running, he starts by moving his head, later he moves his body, a little this way and a little that way. Then he will turn around, he will kneel, he will sit, he will try to stand, one step, another step, perseverance through time committed to the desire… he will eventually walk.

This perfection, this change, this “holiness” even if it happens slowly… MUST happen.

There is nothing in this life worth comparing to the eternal glory which God has reserved for His children… Nothing!


From the book: The Immutable Grace of God

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