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Much More Beautiful

It is undeniable that mankind is unique, beautiful, a master creation of a divine nature, for it was made to perfection, with an amazing aspect, marvelous capabilities, and a perfect awareness of… life.

We have always wondered at the beauty of the planet we live in, and stand in awe by sights which take our breath away. We look out at the heavens in the night and are amazed by the infinite universe. We are now able to look at the smallest particles that compose everything and marvel at such perfection, for every little particle has perfection within.

Such is the magnitude of this creation we live in that those who are able to look beyond human sight are confounded by their inability to find another planet such as our in the vast infinite of the cosmos.

Mankind was made unique, perfect, beautiful, intelligent, with great capabilities and placed upon a world which has the same virtues and yet… one day soon… we will become even greater.

It has been promised… by the same One who created the first man and woman. The One who made such wonders, who created such an amazing, beyond understanding, beyond words, creation… He promised… to make us… better… greater… more amazing than we could ever imagine.

He was there when mankind was poisoned, He saw what was done to His perfect creation, He witnessed the theft, the stealing of His magnificent creation, the rape and pillage of His children, and what does a father do when this happens to his children? Well in this case, The Father is not human, but He was nonetheless not happy.

So… He decided He would rescue His beautiful creation and decide He would take His violated children and make them greater than they could ever have imagined.

He is not only going to resurrect the same children in an immortal body but He is going to join them in their planet, well maybe not the same planet, but we can be sure that it will be a most beautiful planet. The same consciousness, the same awareness, the same child, in an immortal, angel-like body. The capabilities then, will be mind-goggling.

For those who await such promise, it is the faith in such promise that birth’s an inner peace. This understanding is the foundation of the inner peace required for the joy of being alive. For those who are immortal… there is no fear of death, only the joy of life.

Believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and confess His name before all mankind and this promise will be yours…


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