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One of the old customs which people use to follow was the requirement for those who were “in love” to spend a good amount of time together, getting to know each other, before they were married. It was a very good custom and one which would serve to diminish the abundant divorce rate that is so rampart in the United States.

Of course, this would work only for those who are sincere in their quest to find someone who is compatible with them. In our days this is not really the desire of those who “play” at marriage. Our society views marriage as a “game”, where people are guided by their lustful ways instead of an honest desire to love and be loved.

Still, and regardless of this deviance from what is righteous, knowing someone requires time, and since our desire is to share a bit of knowledge, we will move away from the ever growing, sinful lifestyle of our modern-day society.

Knowing someone requires time and it requires a sincere participation of those who want to know each other. This is something that cannot be otherwise, for we are complexed and at the same time we require repetition in order to understand and remember.

In a Christian’s relationship with The Lord, this demand is even more pronounced, because we are trying to know someone who is un-limited in every manner of His existence, therefore, it will not only require an extensive amount of time, but a dedication to such desire.

The Lord does not grant absolute understanding, mostly because it is impossible, but also because such knowledge would spoil the blessing.

The joy of receiving and opening a new gift is found in the expectancy of unwrapping something that fills the receiver with delight. The Lord says in His Word that those who delight in Him will receive everything they can hope for and more. Our God is the epitome of all of that which we consider as delightful, pleasant, wonderful, exciting, sublime. And the best part of our God is that He is not only willing to share His everything, He is very enthusiastic about doing this. Our God is the epitome of everything that is… good.

In the Word of God, we find a definition of love, it is the greatest definition found anywhere of such a great emotion? If we were to disseminate this definition, we would understand better what we are talking about. For that definition… that is our God.

It just that knowing… requires… time.

Our God is not interested in a short relationship, and even when we don’t know any better and even when we think we can do no better, The Lord is interested in a long, long, long time relationship.

The best part of our Lord’s desire is that He can keep His promises, He can keep our interest, He can deliver what He has promised. The enormous joy of being in His presence is beyond words and this is just a natural reaction to His presence, He has done nothing yet.

Our Lord is waiting patiently until that last child He knows will come into His fold, enters. Then He will begin something that no mind has ever entertained. The most glorious of all fathers will share His great, immense wealth with those children who were faithful throughout the trials they endured. It will be beyond imagination.

It is worth striving for? Is it worth fighting for? Is it worth the time it requires to know our God? Is it worth sacrificing this short time we call life? Is it worth dedicating our time to surrendering everything into the hands of He who has promised all of this and more?

It is a great and sad shame that most of mankind has heard about our God, but have never known Him…


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