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Lost in the desert

The people of Israel had been freed, it had been a divine intervention, something so out of the ordinary that to this day, we still wonder how it was accomplished. They had crossed the red sea and where on their way to a land, which according to the promise, had milk and honey flowing through it.

The first problem they encountered was… the desert.

It wasn’t the worst desert on the planet, nor was it the biggest, but it was still a desert. A vast piece of land where among other things, water was scarce. No water. The Sun beamed down relentlessly and as in all deserts; the nights are cold. There is no wood to be found and the sand is, to say the least, burdensome, unwieldy, inconvenient, complicated…

Nonetheless, it was one of the hurdles, one of the trials they would have to overcome in order to get to… the promised land…

If we were to say something about such situation, we would say that every person, every nation, every family, every group of people, upon this planet goes through the same situation. There are a few who are born into a land that has “milk and honey” flowing through it, but most of these, don’t know their blessing.

For the majority of the people, we have to cross the desert before we arrive at the blessed land, (speaking of life) for after many trials, many struggles, eventually we arrive to a situation in life where we feel comfortable. (Well, some do. Some just struggle throughout their whole life.)

It is the same with every one and with everything. (The law of the laborer, where we reap what we sow.)

The Christians should understand this. We are gifted with 100% forgiveness right from the moment we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, but to keep that 100%... ah… yes… to keep that 100% which we are given freely. That is the desert…

The perfect example was no exception, He had to go out to the desert… before… He began His ministry. Was it a coincidence, was it just something He thought as good, was it some kind of capricious desire…?

It is the single, most indispensable requirement for those who would enter the promise land, and it is the main reason why there are sssssoooooo many Christians that have no anointing. No presence of God. No power…

It is the single demand made… The old man MUST be changed by the new man through The Word, prayer, fasting, and the insistence, persistence of our desire to be, to follow, to imitate the One who saved us, the one we want to spend eternity with.

This is the desert we MUST cross. It is arid, it is difficult, there is no water, no shade. It is hot during the day and cold at night. The flesh does not like such things, but… but… The lifestyle of sin MUST be replaced by a lifestyle of holiness. Do not be deceive, there is no valid excuse, do not believe the lies…

It will not matter what kind of desert we go through, for it rains over the whole planet and on every person therein. Some deserts are more terrible than others, some people struggle more than others, some people suffer more than others… but…

There is a promise of Immortality, (one of the things the world fantasizes about) a promise of a body like no other upon this earth, (like superman) a paradise of in-imaginable beauty, (like Rivendell) friends like nothing we have ever seen, (like Fairies) and the most precious of all that is precious… The Lord God, our… Father… (no comparison here) A Father that loves us more than we could ever understand.

The desert does not seem all that threatening anymore, for none of the tribulations in anyone’s life can be compared to the glory that will be manifested in the children of The All-mighty God… (Word of God.)


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