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Lost in Life

Throughout the history of mankind, there have existed many powerful men and woman; strong, intelligent, bold, helpful, smart, memorable. People who have built great things, spoken of many helpful solutions, and accomplished many wonderful undertakings which have been of great benefit for all mankind.

These people made great promises to mankind, which sometimes they were able to keep. People who had the blessing of being gifted and were able to apply those gifts for the benefit of all.

Even when we can praise such people, and recognize their accomplishments, none of them were able to do more than help other. It is the only thing men or woman are able to do for others.

Only one “man” has been able to do more than help others, only one “man” has made a promise to not only help others but to gift them with… life. The greatest promise ever made to mankind, the whole of mankind. For what manner of helping others is better than giving them… life?

There is no better gift than life. It is the main concern of the whole of humanity. Many are those who strive to keep their bodies in good health so as to live a longer life. More are those who ignore that life is beyond the body they inhabit, for life does not end when the body expires.

The gift of life, which is given when the fetus is brought to consciousness by the slap of a doctor when it comes out of the womb, is a divine gift. Life is much more than breathing, or moving, or instincts, which are found in plants and animals. Life is the divine ability to understand.

Life is the ability to recognize, to be aware that we can see, we can hear, taste, smell and feel. To understand this, to be aware of this… is life. To understand that we have emotions and that these are more than instincts, more than clouds passing over the sky, they are a divine gift which permits us to relate, communicate and have communion with the rest of mankind.

For the emotion of love binds us all. The awareness that we can love, we are loved and that there are others who are just like us.

It is not the body which has these abilities, for the body is limited to see, hear, smell, taste and feel, but as a consciousness, we are much more than this. It is the divine gift of our consciousness which has the ability to recognize, understand and be aware of… life.

The promise made to mankind has implications which we are unaware of, for if life ends when this body dies, why make such a promise?

The promise was made because life goes on beyond our understanding, our meager glimpse of life is incomplete and we will only understand the whole of life if we accept and believe in the word of the “man” … Jesus Christ. DHD

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