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This little word, is one of those little words which has such a vast definition. So vast that it is impossible to define in any given sentence or multitude of sentences, it just can’t be done. It is also one of those thoughts which permeates our mind and troubles us with its demand.

It is present right from the first “rays” of illumination which our minds are able to perceive. The first emotion we are able to understand, and understanding would not be the right word, for it is something that is felt rather than understood. Our minds do not understand this feeling, but this need to be loved is what drives that desire to be… held... to be “pampered”. That desire to “pamper”, to hold that which is dear, to cuddle with that which we… love.

It never goes away, on the contrary, it grows as the years go by and it is the main reason why we strive so hard to achieve that which we deem as essential to our wellbeing. For it is because of the love we bear our parents that we follow their counsels and strive to become what they believe to be the best for us. It is this love for their children which makes them commit to any sacrifice needed in order to gain whatever their children may need. And to stimulate in us what they understand as best for our lives.

It is this need to love and be loved that in later years moves us to seek a companion which will become the recipient of this strongest of emotions we hold so close to our heart. And it will not be our sight, nor our knowledge that will decide, it will be this enigmatic emotion which will decide who that companion will be.

So powerful is this emotion that when it is acquired, when we find someone who will share his love with us, we will do just about anything to keep such person in our lives. And if we find that our love is corresponded, that our emotion of love is satisfied, we will stay an entire lifetime with such person.

That desire we were born with, that need to be held, to be “pampered” remains with us throughout our lives and when we find someone who wants to “cuddle” with us, who likes what we like, we will stay forever. The deeper the “pampering”, the more “cuddling”, the more we are held in love, that much more will our need be satisfied.

This emotion goes beyond our understanding, and many times we are overwhelmed by the need to find this elusive emotion which we require in order to be happy in life.

Love suffers everything, it is kind, it suffers not from envy, it doesn’t indulge in itself, it does not think about itself, it doesn’t behave improperly, it doesn’t ask for itself, it doesn’t think evil thoughts. It gives more than what it asks for.

Love bears all things, it believes in goodness, it hopes for good things, it endures the “shortcomings” of others. It is without doubt the single most important emotion in the life of all of mankind.

Even when just about every person upon this planet doesn’t understand the truth, God still shares Himself with everyone. It is here where most of us fail, because for us to find love we need to know where this strongest of emotion comes from.

It is God who shares love with all of that which He created. No other source of this great and wonderful emotion will be found. It is the only reason we fail in our relationships, in our desire to love and be loved. Because for us to love and be loved we need to accept that God is the source of our love.

True love can only be achieved when we “know” that God is involved and that He is involved in everything and anyone we desire to spend time with. If there is no God in a person, there is no love, just a physical attraction; an attraction which will eventually evaporate.

Love is indeed an essential ingredient in every person’s life, and something worth fighting for, but when we deny God, we deny love and therefore we will never find… love.


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