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“What is that, Mary?”

"I don’t know, but it sure seems strange. I’ve heard something about it; most people just go the other way. Some say that if you get to close, it changes you.”

“Okay, so let’s do what others do, and just run away. It’s coming this way. Run!”

Out of breath, Mary says. “Listen Joan, we have always been friends and as far as I can remember, we have always lived the same way. Why would this thing want to change everyone? I don’t understand it…” She says thinking.

“I don’t know either, but that thing is so strange. I mean it’s like we have always been okay, and it’s not right to change, is it?” Joan says with fear.

“Yea… that what makes it so strange. Why would anyone want to change something were so use to? We have enjoyed this life and it has been good, hasn’t… it? Mary stumbles over her words.

“Sometimes I feel bad, like I am doing something wrong, but I can’t say exactly what it is, or why it sometimes makes me feel bad. You know what I mean?”

“Hum, sure, I know, I’ve seen your moods, sometimes your all giggles and sometimes you’re so depressed it depresses me also. But you’re right, I don’t understand it either.”

“It’s like there’s a little voice in my head, you know, like someone talking but you don’t listen, so you don’t understand, anyway, that only happens when I’m depressed. When I’m having fun, I can’t feel anything.”

“True, Joan baby, when we are having fun, nothing else matters.”

Both friends remain quiet for a long time, each think about what the other said.

“You know what would cheer us up, let’s go to that place that makes you so frightened, you know, that dark place that is much darker than what we’re used to.”

“We were born in this darkness, Mary, but that kind of darkness is just as frightening as that thing we saw today. That little voice in my head really grows loud when we go there and last time, we almost didn’t make it out. You remember.” Joan fear was plain. “Can’t we do something else?” She says with trepidation.

“You have always been the fearful one. Would you rather go see that strange thing we saw today?” Mary said teasing Joan.

“Maybe… I’ll confess one thing, that strange thing didn’t make me feel as frightened as that other place.”

“You’re such a chicken. Come on, let’s go.”

They walked out of their home hand in hand and headed out towards the end of the town they lived in when suddenly…

There it is again Mary, it’s so… beautiful. Can’t we just get a little closer. Maybe it’s not that bad.” Joan pleaded with her friend.

“Fine… but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Their eyes began to get moist and pain cursed through their vision, the strange sight was a blur in their eyes and they could hardly keep their eyes open.

“I can’t see anything Mary, and my eyes are hurting, why does it hurt so much?” Joan crocked.

“I told you this was a bad idea!” Mary was feeling the same anxiety.

“Be at peace…” A gentle strange voice pierced their anxiety and their fear began to subside. “It is just something new, something you have never experienced before, but wait a few minutes and you’ll be able to see again.”

“Don’t run away, wait.” The stranger said as the two girls turn to flee. “You have been living in darkness for so long, that a little brightness hurts your eyes, but if you stay it will be the best thing you have ever done in your life.” The stranger promised.

Mary had started to walk away, but when she looked for Joan, she had not moved. Slowly, Mary walked back to where Joan was still struggling with her vision.

“Let’s go, Joan.” Mary said fearful. “This is not for us. Come on Joan… let’s go…” Mary pleaded.

“No… wait Mary, I think my eyes are starting to get use to this… brightness?” Joan said hesitate. And as Joan spoke, Mary’s vision began to clear.

“It’s so clear… I can see everything…” Joan said amazed. “I have never seen like this, what is it? Joan said to no one in particular, but it was the stranger who answered.

“It is light, the light we were meant to live in. It was never the desire of The Creator for mankind to walk in darkness, we were created to walk in the light.” The stranger said enigmatically.

“At the beginning of Creation, mankind walked in the light, but then, mankind did something which brought darkness into their life. Since then, much of mankind has been born into darkness, but mankind was never meant to walk in darkness.” The stranger said with sadness.

“The Light returned to the world, but most of mankind has chosen to remain in the dark.”

“Would you remain in the light?” The stranger said with gladness.

Joan looked at Mary, and her eyes pleaded with her friend.

“We have been friends for a long time, Joan…” Mary said and hesitate… “And we have had some good times in the dark…” She hesitated again… “But if you choose the light…” And she was silent for a long while.

“I will walk in the light with you…”


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