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1) The lifestyle of the world…

The people of this world have always been consumed by personal desires, whether it is possessions, recognition, fame, lustful desires, games, thrills, etc. etc. It always has something to do with ourselves, we, I.

It may be different depending on which part of the world we were born in, but everyone strives for a little of that something we consider important for us.

In our modern days, the world’s lifestyle has changed, it has become much easier to achieve most of the things we consider as indispensable for us. Those we desire.

Some are after fame, (as futile and vain as that is), some desire pleasure and consider the opposite sex as their ultimate goal. Some consider money as something worth spending their life trying to gain. Others think possessions is what they need. And so on and so on. Many and diverse are the interests which keep most of the people of this world occupied.

So powerful is the enticement, the lure, the bewitching lifestyle of the world, that most people will spend all of their precious time, all of their precious life, striving to achieve such as they desire. A mirage they contemplate in the distance.

It is not strange, and these lies are propagated and stimulated by he who desires our demise.

Usually, and for most, a little too late, we come to understand that all our lives we strove, fought and gave away our precious life to something of NO value. Something we must leave behind, for we cannot take anything where we are going after this body dies.

But the lifestyle of the world is very seductive, alluring, spellbinding. All of its pleasures are visible through its system of images, and the box we cannot take our eyes away from, tells us that we can have everything it offers.

2) The lifestyle of the Christian

Then there are those who have had a revelation of the truth, the knowledge that there is a heaven and there is a hell. An understanding that we were not created to spend our lives living out the pleasures this world so eagerly displays.

Many have stated that this revelation is like being blind and suddenly seeing. Where we blind? Only to the reality which exists beyond our immediate scope of vision. It could be described as the enemy did, a similarity so astutely disguise of what is a truth. The movie Matrix describes a world where mankind lives in something like a dream, where they have all the experiences of life without really being alive.

It is so with those who ignore the Savior. Savior because mankind is in a sleep, the walking dead. (As the enemy describes it in another of his sarcastic movies.) Mankind is dead because unless they wake up to the reality that there is a God and that He will eventually judge us, they are headed towards death. The judgement is due because we cannot be found guilty without a trial, but the guilt lies in that we did not accept God’s offer.

It is not a selfish desire, nor is it a capricious demand, it is very simple. God is holy and only that which is holy can live in His kingdom. It is not that God doesn’t love mankind because He suffered a terrible death for us. Paid for us in more than full. It is simple. God is Holy and He cannot change that. We have to change; we can change but God cannot.

3) The lifestyle of Jesus Christ

The lifestyle of Jesus Christ wasn’t just a total dedication to His mission, it was a way of living, the right way of living. Why is His example the example of life we must follow? Because He knew and we must know, that this life is a life that will end… it will end and then… it is written… and will not be any other way… mankind will be judged.

We will be judged and no one will be there to help… no one.

And the judgement will be a simple judgement… and there will be only one question…

Did you follow the lifestyle of Jesus Christ, did you follow His example of life? Did you conduct your life the way He did?

If you did not, its because you did not believe in Him and only those who believe in Jesus Christ will have immortality.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that all those who believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life…” John 3:16


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