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God is Good

To understand what we are talking about, we are going to have to start at the beginning… at the real beginning.

If we understand that God is love and that true love has to share, then we understand why it all happened.

At some point in the infinite of God, He decided that He would have to… share Himself with others. Come, come now, if God had to share and He would only share the best of what He has, He knew that he would have to share what? Himself, for He is the best of what He has. God is not like us, and in all honesty, we still don’t know much about God, but this we know, God is Good.

So, his true love demanded that He share with others, for to keep all that goodness to Himself would violate His holiness, His goodness. So, He decided to share with others, and what is the best thing God has… Himself.

No, no, no… all of those things He created were a necessity for those He would share Himself with, He did not need any of this, but His children would. God is a Good God. So, he began to create, not for Himself, but for those He would share Himself with.

The children He would share with had to be created with the all-knowing, all-capabilities at His disposal, for His holiness would permit nothing less.

These, Beings, He would create, had to have good mental capacities, they had to be beautiful and they had to be able to be… autonomous.

(having the freedom to govern itself or control its own affairs.)

God did not create His children to be subjects of His kingdom. No, no, no, having subjects would have violated His holiness, because subjects are a selfish desire. Subjects are obligated to do their master’s will. God’s children are not obligated to do God’s will, they do God’s will because they love God and their kind of love is not like ours, their kind of love is pure.

How long did these children remain faithful to His love, we may never know, but at some point in that infinite, one of the angels started to contemplate something which corrupted his nature.

Did God know this would happen? Most assuredly. Was there some manner in which to avoid this? No… Why not? Because freedom of choice is the righteousness of God. The children of God must have freedom of choice, always, because God is not a tyrant, God is Good.

And so, it happened, rebellion in the holy kingdom of God. Rebellion because they moved away from love and followed a selfish desire. A poor choice, to move away from all that is good, for all good comes from the God of Goodness. And without Him, there is nothing good.

It did not surprise God; He knew it would happen and He had made preparations to make Himself known through something which was a terrible choice. It was a terrible choice to move away from He who is the best of good.

How Good is God…? God is so good that for the love of His children, He had become a We because His children would require a… We. They would require a Father, a Son and a Holy Spirit.

He, Himself would pay the price of such a poor choice. From the very beginning, He had been willing to pay the price of sharing, for love must share unselfishly, without self-interest, without expecting anything in return, and therefore, the price of this sharing He would have to pay Himself. This love required a price, because this love required there be freedom of choice and freedom of choice means that poor choices are a possibility.

Was it necessary that there be a rebellion? No, it wasn’t necessary, because perfection does not need anything else, it is perfect, and God’s kingdom was perfect.

Nonetheless, there was a rebellion and because of that rebellion there would be a price in order to re-establish righteousness, because this poor choice had caused a river of unanswered questions. These questions had to be answered. An understanding had to be brought into existence. Why had these angels moved away from Love? What was their purpose? What might they accomplish by moving away from Love?

Angels are very, very intelligent, but they cannot read each other’s minds, and this angel had hidden within his heart his desires.

God knew that He would have to unmask this angel and in that unmasking He would also answer all those questions… God would also bring an understanding of… who He is… what He believes.

Then came Love, a love which transcends the mental abilities of even those who were created with great mental abilities. A love that would leave no doubts in anyone’s mind as to how great is God’s love. For now… we understand. Now… we have not only felt but seen how great His love is. God Himself has brought understanding.

An understanding of not only what love is, but all of that which is the opposite of love. To demonstrate clearly, to permit the opposite of love to manifest itself so that ALL can see what it is to move away from Love. For denying Love, moving away from Love, moving away from what is good, leaves nothing good behind.


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