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“Go, call thy Spouse…”

Jesus Christ was watching a woman who was about to bring water out of a well, suddenly He was “inspired” to speak to this woman. Asking her for water from the well. This was not amazing since Jesus Christ was upon this earth to save those who were lost and this woman was one of those. What was really amazing is the demand He gives the woman He is about to save.

Jesus Christ offers her the “water of life” and she is happy to be given such opportunity. She readily accepts and is prepared for such a blessing, but then, Jesus Christ demands something out of the ordinary… “Go, call thy husband…” He tells her.

It is without question a fact that Jesus Christ mission was for the salvation of mankind; it is one of the main reasons He came to this earth. Most people believe erroneously that this was the only reason Jesus Christ took upon Himself all of the shamefulness of this ever-distressful flesh we all endure. But The Lord our God has never been that simple, nor should we allow ourselves to believe that The Truth is ever simple, for The Truth is God and He is everything but simple.

The Lord our God has simplified The Truth for our sake, but that does not mean that The Truth is simple. It is mistake to believe that we have to wait upon The Lord… wrong… it is The Lord who has to wait upon us.

The Lord our God has been waiting upon mankind for many, many years, but we are slow, very slow. It is not until recently that we have gain a little, little, little, understanding. Something that should be clear to most of mankind is the fact that The Lord our God is… already… in heaven, so who is waiting upon who?

The demand made to the woman at the well, is the same demand made to all of mankind, for we cannot receive “the waters of life” before we are aware that we MUST treat and remedy our condition, and our “condition” is everything but simple.

The Lord our God is very, very interested in our success in this matter, for He has accomplished many, many undeserved favors on our behalf. What must be understood is that God is waiting for us, but He will not wait forever.

The Lord our God cannot change, He is holy and Holy is God. God wants us to be like Him, He wants us to be holy. Even when God has siphoned The Truth for our sake, that does not mean that He doesn’t what us to go “the whole distance”. As a matter of facts, there is no other Road.

It is the main reason why some people have “been granted” a greater blessing than others, because the blessings are for those who have understood and battle to achieve what God desires. Most people don’t understand this, and are those people who “play” on both sides of the fence, but that is a very dangerous game.

To belittle God’s desire, God’s commandments, to belittle God’s blessings, God’s Promises, is a very, very dangerous “game”. The story told by Jesus in the book of Luke chapter 16 is a real story. The fact that Jesus Christ used a proper name in this story tells us that He was speaking of a true story. The story is not among parabolas as some have stated, (that this was a parabola), it is among true needs of our every day life. And there is no greater need than salvation.

Nonetheless, the truth is hard for us to bear, as some have stated correctly, and there is no harder truth than the reality of our need of Jesus Christ as our Savior, for we will never be able to save ourselves. Our need for salvation should be clear to every person who watches the news in our present times.

If there is any hope, it lies with Jesus Christ, for this whole world is heading straight towards suicide and there is nothing anyone can do about that.

It is time to… “go call thy spouse” and come to Jesus and repent, otherwise, one day you will open your eyes in the same place the rich man did.

(Luke 16:19-31)


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