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Freedom of Choice

When little children are in a playground, their parents are not far away. They know that little children need constant supervision, for they are prone to doing things which are dangerous to themselves. Some have said that we are born with traits, instincts or desires, but this is only partially true; what we have seen throughout the ages is, that we are born completely without any knowledge.

Mankind has developed slowly, and teaching has been one of the main reasons we came out of the stone age. We have been taught and most of the knowledge we possess, comes from those who are our parents. They are the main reason a person is either this way or that way. It is a great responsibility to be a parent, for they will be the main reason a person is righteous or un-righteous, godly or un-godly, understanding or indifferent, caring or un-caring. There is much we can say about parenting, and it is highly advisable to seek understanding into parenting before one decides to become a parent.

Something we must say about the development of a person is that even when parenting is an important factor in our development as a person, we still retain the faculty of decision. Meaning that no matter how well we were taught, or how much we lack teaching, we, as a person remain responsible for our actions.

It is a sad fact, that most of our decisions throughout life are… mistakes. These have their roots in many factors, but most of our bad decision can be attributed to… ignorance. Yes… sorry… but the truth is that we don’t know what will happen from one moment to the next. Add to this, the devious, malignant desires of others who have an ego-centric motive for their bad counsels and we have very little chance of a good decision.

There is also the lifestyle we grow up in, a lifestyle which is imposed upon every human being, a lifestyle that forces upon us the wicked abuse of the powerful, of those who rule this world.

Nonetheless, we will eventually arrive at the conclusion that, it was our freedom of choice which brought us to whatever lifestyle or lack of life, we enjoy or not.

It is to this freedom of choice we will direct our attention, because it is our freedom of choice that permits us decisions, which 90% of the time, gets us into trouble. It doesn’t matter if we believe ourselves to be Christians or not, whether we are big, small, great or not, good-looking or not, regardless of ourselves, it is this freedom of choice we need to understand, address and change.

First of all, we need to recognize this truth, or ignore it, as we do with most troublesome things, and continue on the wrong path of life. But for those who are interested…

Freedom of choice is the gift of God, it is something that all Beings must have, for otherwise we would be slaves and even when in this life there are those who would and do enslave us, God is not like them. He does not want slaves. God wants to share Himself and even when it is true that His Majestic Self causes worship upon all those who have the blessing of being in His presence, it is not enslavement but a natural reaction to something admirable, wonderous, and pure goodness.

Getting back to freedom of choice, there is a way to be rid of this freedom of choice which causes us so much pain. It isn’t for everyone and only those who are willing to give up their freedom of choice can accomplish this.

God is good and because He is good, He is willing to do whatever is necessary for His children to attain, be blessed, by being in His presence, His kingdom, that eternal bliss which is His earnest desire for all mankind. So here is good advice for those who strive for such a privilege.

Talk to Him about giving up your freedom of choice. Give it up to Him, constantly, throughout every day of your life. Tell Him you are a child, a child who makes bad decisions constantly, a child who needs help, a child who needs a Father who can make the right decisions for him.

God is good; He listens and helps.


The Immutable Grace of God

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