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We were born into this, we grew up with it, we are pleased with entertainment, it is our favorite pastime. The images in the television are intoxicating, its technology permits this machine to make images far more entertaining than real life and all of our fantasies are brought to life before our eyes.

Every day there is something new, something attractive, something that captivates our sight and holds our minds in awe. Watching television is so relaxing, so easy, so comfortable. Sitting in front of it with food and drinks we could spend the whole day there.

Since the creation of television, the whole world has been in awe of this contraption, and the whole world watches attentively for whatever the television will bring them next. One of these sits in every home in just about every country in the world. It has become the new idol, the modern god of an otherwise godless world. It is the most important thing in the lives of a world which has no hope other than the life they live. An empty life, a hopeless life, because most of the people in this world believe their present life is all they have.

Even when television has been “the mother” of many other “life” distracting inventions, there is no doubt that television has earn the dis-honorable title of… the greatest evil mankind has ever invented.

Among the lesser maladies of this contraption is the fact that those people who watch believe they can do, everything they see these images doing. It is the main reason that people in our present day believe they can have as many “lovers” as they please, why? Because in the television, those images they see have many… lovers.

These images wear tight clothes, these images wear little clothes, these images move naked all over the place, these images like to drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, and many other harmful thing… why can’t we do the same? Worst yet, these images kill others, they kill their neighbors, they kill their friends, they kill their parents. They commit abortion, they fornicate, they adulterate, they hate others. They have a spouse, but they also have sex with many others who are not their spouse.

It is true that this country has exported many, many useful ideas to the whole world but through television it has exported many “destructive lifestyles” into a world that needs no help in its path to destruction, and even when this country “portrays” itself as a “Christian” nation… where are these so-called Christians? Why are they silent while their country exports destructive lifestyles all over this world? Will omission or turning “a blind eye” excuse them from the wrath of God?

The most destructive use for this evil contraption is the fact that most Christians are just as “enamored” of this contraption as the rest of the world. They are as much “idolaters” as those who don’t know God, and there are even some who are so deceived, they think watching, sitting, worshipping these images can be “good” if they sit in front of this malignant contraption watching something… “good”… something Christian? In a contraption built by the devil for his destructive purposes?

Can we change his name and call him Lucifer, will that change his nature, will God accept that?

Worshipping images is worshipping images, it doesn’t matter who’s images they are.

The “great modern” preachers of our “great modern” days believe God needs this contraption in order to reach the whole world with His gospel. How “greatly” they err. How sadly mistaken they are, how terribly do they sadden The Holy Spirit they pretend is their master.

The Only True God will NOT take ANYTHING from the devil and use it for His purpose, He has no need of this. God may use him, but God has no need of his evil contraptions.

Before Jesus Christ, the Israelites were “permitted” to set aside their spouse for various reasons, but as Christ said… this was not the way of The Lord.

Last and not least, is a fact which has been repeated over and over. The greatest possession mankind has and the only valuable possession is… time. Our time. It is the one thing no one can take away from us, God has given us the freedom of choice and we exercise it according to our desires. God can take away our life, but He cannot choose for us, we choose what to do with the time we have been granted. It is our only valuable possession.

When we give our time, when we give our most valuable possession to something, this… whatever it may be, becomes our god, our master. For we are giving our most valuable possession to it. Sometimes it is our spouse, our family, our house, our car, our… television. Video games?

When we were commanded to love our God with all our heart, mind, soul, etc. etc. We were commanded to give Him our… time. Our most valuable possession.

Devotion, equals dedication, equals worship. Words are carried away by the wind and love can only be demonstrated through actions, therefore faith is dead unless it be accompanied by… actions.

Our God doesn’t want another “mediator” there is already a perfect one. He doesn’t want a relationship through images, God wants a personal relationship… face to face.

Time spent in the presence of The Lord will always bring the same results… peace, joy, contentment, salvation, eternal life. Moses’ face did not shine until he spent many, many days in the presence of God and knowing we are saved is not faith, it is a very real experience for those who have been blessed through their persistence in the presence of The Lord.


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